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Plasma heat and surface treatment demo lines at the new Plasmait facility

Published: - 02/02/2018 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Plasma heat and surface treatment demo lines at the new Plasmait facility

Plasmait, Austrian supplier of plasma heat and surface treatment machinery for wire, tube and strip products have moved in to a new facility in Lannach, near Graz, Austria. The new facility is located at Radlpassstraße 7, 8502 Lannach, Austria and includes a large shop floor space with a crane and offices. The facility hosts four heat and surface treatment demo lines used for client demonstrations and trials.

Demo lines are used for heat treatment trial on various ferrous and non-ferrous materials in a wide temperature range. Demonstrations of surface cleaning, surface activation and coating can also be performed on client materials.

Demonstrations of PlasmaPREPLATE process are performed in line with a hot dip tin bath for acid-free and flux-free hot dip tinning of copper, steel and aluminium alloys. The process can perform simultaneous heat treatment of the material prior to tinning.

Demonstration lines are also available for rental, which allows our clients to test plasma treatment machinery at their own facilities integrated into their existing manufacturing process.

Plasmait offers also demonstrations and testing on its batch plasma treatment machine, where various size components and parts can be plasma treated. The batch machine is designed for a wide temperature range and can be utilised with various process gasses including hydrogen. The machine is equipped with a cooling system that allows adjustable cooling rates.

Interested parties are welcome to discuss their heat and surface treatment requirements with Plasmait team and request a demonstration or trial on their material.