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Moisture issues during sea transportation? Choose Propadry

Published: - 20/07/2021 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Moisture issues during sea transportation? Choose Propadry

More than 10% of the cargo transported in freight containers by sea suffer from serious moisture-related damages, but what causes condensation? And how to deal with it?

In physics, condensation is the consequence of the combination of high ambient humidity and the natural thermal fluctuation between day and night. It occurs as a result of a rapid drop in temperature, which causes moisture droplets to turn from gas to liquid.

The transportation of goods in freight containers by sea can last several weeks or even months. During this journey, unpredictable environmental conditions can trigger the so-called "container sweat", or the proliferation of fungi and mold, that can cause irreparable damage to the shipped products.

What can we do to prevent humidity from turning into condensation?
Humidity is the only parameter that can be influenced, since the temperature - another triggering factor - is difficult to control during transport (unless you use an expensive temperature-controlled container). Reducing the amount of humidity inside a container will, in fact, reduce the dew point, thus averting condensation.

The range of powerful Propadry System absorbers designed by Propagroup allows you to effectively reduce the amount of moisture and condensation inside the freight container throughout the transport, thus protecting the quality of your goods.
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