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PSM CELADA, press-fit and self-clinching threaded inserts

Published: - 09/05/2022 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
PSM CELADA, press-fit and self-clinching threaded inserts

The press-fit installation of self-clinching threaded inserts offers an alternative to welding on sheet metal with several technical, economic, and primarily environmental advantages. Which ones? Let’s ask the fastener specialist PSM Celada.

Firstly, this type of installation takes place with a simple-to-use press and, unlike welding, there is no emission of radiation, fumes or dust, consequently increasing the safety level. The self-clinching inserts can be installed on very thin sheets, which can withstand high torque, and axial and transverse loads. In addition, they do not risk damaging the protective surface treatments, making them ideal for working on galvanized or stainless steel sheets.

Secondly, the threading can also be made very close to folds or punched edges. It is also very easy to create high-performance captive threads that are extraordinarily resistant to mechanical stress, regardless of the hardness of the sheet metal.

With the adequate product, watertight threads can also be created, making this type of fasteners particularly suitable in the presence of pressurized fluids. Finally, this type of installation eliminates the risk of thread axis misalignment, resulting in quality fasteners.

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Founded in the late ‘30s, PSM Celada has been producing fasteners for over half a century. With UNI ISO 9001:2015:2021 certification, the Italy-based company is a leading distributor of quick fasteners, fastening systems and assembly equipment.