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Lubricant purity in wire drawing: how to manage resources efficiently

Published: - 22/05/2018 Author: Katia Martinini
Lubricant purity in wire drawing: how to manage resources efficiently

Lubricant is essential when drawing wire so it would be unthinkable to run die boxes without it.
Because lubricant is so essential, it stands no reason that lubricant purity is very important.
But what level of purity is sufficient to run a really smooth line and what is the acceptable level of contamination?

At the moment there are two approaches to lubrication within the wire industry:
- topping up lubricant to avoid replacement;
- discarding and replacing lubricant more frequently to optimize machine performance.

Save time and production cost with Quantum LCM 800.
Designed to recover reusable lubricant from contaminated die box waste, this innovative wire purification system allows operators to change lubricant more regularly without increasing lubrication costs.

Frequent lubrication changes:

- improve the productivity benefits and the product quality;
- reduce lubricant costs and waste disposal;
- reduce die wear;
- improve overall drawing speed;
- reduce maintenance downtime.

Quantum LCM 800 conditioning process:

This involve magnetically attracting and splitting the burnt soap and ferrous elements from the unused soap. The machine processes discard collected from die boxes and contaminants are removed using patented magnetic separation techniques leaving purified lubricant for further use.
The contaminants are normally made up of:
- metal/metal oxides which are magnetically attractable
- burnt soap.

Dust in the purification product is separated out and re-granulated. This means that particle distribution can be operator controlled. The amount of granulation can be varied to meet the desired operational characteristics.

Dust removal
A variably controlled polishing process is used to manage dust level in the finished product.

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