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Meet PWT Limited. Expertise sharpened by hands-on wire mill experience

Published: - 04/07/2013 Author: Di Maggio, EIC

PWT Limited, based in New Zealand, is a wire mill solutions provider that has the unique distinction of having been founded out of a large wire mill operation. As such, PWT is able to offer a design, supply and installation service to the international wire galvanising industry based on a deep knowledge and experience of the problems and pressures of the wire mill production.

quantum electromagnetic wipingAfter nine years of research and development work, the Quantum™ EMW™ unit and corresponding system were launched internationally in 2003.
Since then the Quantum™ EMW™ unit and other technology like the Quantum™ LCM™ have proven themselves time and time in achieving outstanding results in zinc and zinc aluminium galvanizing.

EMW™ stands for electro-magnetic wiping: a ground breaking process that uses high frequency electromagnetic fields to wipe away excess Zinc and Zinc Aluminium – achieving cost per ton reductions of more than 25% (accuracy to within 15gms is possible).

quantum lubricant conditioningPWT’s Quantum™– LCM™ (which stands for lubricant conditioning machine) processes lubricant discards from die boxes and uses patented magnetic separation techniques to remove contaminants – leaving purified lubricant to be used again.
By purifying it, this procedure allows lubricant to be replaced frequently for optimal performance without costly wastage.

Click here for a free broad evaluation of what savings the Quantum™– LCM™ unit and the Quantum™ EMW™ unit may achieve for your company.