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QED Wire Lines to set the new gold standard in coat weight control

Published: - 06/05/2019 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
QED Wire Lines to set the new gold standard in coat weight control

As a part of our commitment to continued product development and innovation, QED Wire Lines Inc. is proud to announce the launch of a state-of-the-art Coat Weight Control System. The QED AutoCoatTM system can easily be incorporated into an existing nitrogen wiping operation and offers our customers significant advantages including:

• Precision Coating for a Superior Product Finish
• Significant Cost Savings in Zinc or Galfan®
• True Closed Loop Control
• High Speed Multiple Strand Analysis
• Real Time Pad Wipe Coating Measurement
• Ease of Integration
• Latest Generation Siemens PLC Processing
• Automatic and Manual Modes
• Data Acquisition and Networking
• Remote Monitoring

The feedback from the field has been outstanding.

An in-house development backed by 3 years of rigorous R&D as well as in field testing; the QED AutoCoatTM System is engineered to upgrade existing galvanizing and Galfan® process lines. It allows for reliable production of precisely coated wire via independent measurement and fine-tune control. QED’s AutoCoatTM is capable of true real time analysis and individual closed loop control of multiple wires when combined with our signature N2 Wiping System.

At the core of this 2nd generation coating weight control system are our new eddy-current sensors that deliver consistent and accurate coating measurements to ±10 g/m2. This innovative system insures premium quality, high efficiency, and significant material savings.

QED is a custom furnace manufacturer and engineering company specializing in process equipment for the steel wire industry. Known as "The Process Line Specialists" and your supplier of wire industry equipment, we proudly serve customers in over 20 countries. Our leading-edge furnaces are custom built for multi-strand annealing, stress relieving, patenting and tempering processes.  With over 25 years of industry experience and innovation, our patented equipment is backed by QED's renowned excellence in service.  With commissioning and installation supervision as well as spare parts support, QED provides a complete package for processing wire. Our equipment includes:

Energy efficient fluidbed furnaces: with rapid heat transfer resulting in significantly shorter furnace length in an environmentally friendly package.

Pulse-firing muffle tube furnaces: benefits include improved thermal efficiency, increased temperature uniformity and superior convective heat-transfer.

Networked panels with remote monitoring and control: programmed with user friendly software and advanced combustion algorithms, they deliver precise temperature control.

Advanced combustion technology: our patented pressure control system maintains a steady output with precise air-gas ratio on all our multiple burner furnaces.

Industry leader in galvanizing & galfan® coating: offering robust furnaces with new high efficiency recuperative immersion burners.

Powerful pre-cleaning with ultrasonics: incorporating new temperature and level control features with powerful ultrasonic transducers and an innovative 4 stage suction wiping system.

Patented pickling: a proven performer, our HighTurbulence™ Pickling System optimizes fluid flow to rapidly remove scale.

And now QED AutoCoatTM: true closed loop measurement allowing for precision coating for superior wire finishing and significant material savings.

QED offers solutions for all steps in your process including: heat treatment, wet sections, metal coating, wiping systems, spare parts and technical services. 

The new AutoCoatTM will be on showcase at Interwire 2019 in Atlanta Georgia, USA May 14th to 16th (Booth 1267).