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Greener and greener: QP Mechanics on environmental protection

Published: - 10/10/2021 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Greener and greener: QP Mechanics on environmental protection

The well-known specialist in custom mechanical tools and equipment QP Mechanics continues to invest. In the previous articles, published in February and June, we talked about what’s new in 2021: from 4.0 management software, to training courses, to two brand-new machines—one for packaging and one for laser marking.

However, we have more surprises in store! In the last few days, QP Mechanics has inaugurated a new photovoltaic plant that will significantly reduce the environmental impact of the company. Along these lines, the Italy-based firm has completely refurbished and modernized its lighting system. "We replaced all the old lamps with an LED system that perfectly illuminates all the work areas with natural light," explains Paolo Giardiello, Managing Director of QP Mechanics. "On the one hand, we considerably reduced our energy consumption. On the other hand, we can now enjoy a pleasant light with the right intensity depending on the specific department."

Last but not least, the company is completing the installation of an innovative machine for the microfiltration and refreshment of water for food use. Staff and visitors will be able to quench their thirst for free, allowing QP Mechanics to significantly reduce the consumption of plastic glasses and bottles within the company. In this regard, all staff members will receive an aluminum water bottle, a symbol of the corporate commitment towards sustainability.