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QP Mechanics makes its debut in the 4th industrial revolution era

Published: - 22/01/2019 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
QP Mechanics makes its debut in the 4th industrial revolution era

The term Industry 4.0 stands for the current revolutionary trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technology, set by the companies in the latest years. It also generally includes the use of more efficient energy systems, in order to reduce waste and stay in line with the principles of energy sustainability.

That’s why the recent implementation of a new network system in the production department brings QP Mechanics directly in the middle of the 4th industrial revolution era. A new sophisticated internal diagnostic software allows the company to manage all processes, from ordering to invoicing, ensuring the full tracking. The software can also interconnect with the machines and automatically keep track of the working times. Furthermore, it can monitor all staff information and working notes through bar-codes and get real time snapshots of all working processes.

The industry 4.0 technologies implementation redefines the relationship between human and machine, enabling the creation of a new industrial paradigm, and ensuring more flexibility and more reaction time to the ever shifting market demands.

More information are available at https://www.qpmechanics.com/