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New exciting projects in store at Rautomead

Published: - 09/09/2020 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
New exciting projects in store at Rautomead

If you are a follower of Rautomead, you don’t want to miss their exciting recent developments.

Since its foundation in 1978, Rautomead has played a big role in modernising aspects of the non-ferrous metals industry, continually striving to evolve and improve its continuous casting technology.

The company’s R&D department is always working on new projects to increase the application and uses of the casting equipment, to develop new materials & alloys which can be processed on the equipment, and to continually advance the technology. New developments include copper silver billet; small diameter copper magnesium rod; high speed lead alloy rod; aluminium bronzes; silver zinc wire; copper chrome zirconium; copper manganese nickel and copper iron.

Curious to see and read more about Rautomead’s exciting R&D advancements?

Check this link to find out!

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