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Rosendahl Mass Flow Control: 75% less copper scrap

Published: - 19/01/2022 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Rosendahl Mass Flow Control: 75% less copper scrap

With every start-up process you lose around 320€ worth of copper. Depending on the configuration, it needs around 6 minutes until the line is running stable. Within these 6 minutes you produce around 6000 m worth of scrap.
Imagine you could reduce this by 75% to only 1500 m. With the Rosendahl Mass Flow Control System (RMFC) you can do just that. The RMFC regulates the gas flow with the parameters being part of the recipe. It adjusts the flow automatically, independent from the pressure of the booster throughout the whole production. By that you can reach your result much faster.
In addition to that the automatic system guarantees perfect repeatability. The maintenance free solution can be integrated as an upgrade into all Rosendahl machines with easy plug & play RIO integration. It comes as an independent box with all necessary connections with no extra calibration required. The stand-alone-version has its own control terminal and a PLC.

RGIV: Self-locking valve for solid and foam extrusion
Want to save even more? Combine your RMFC with the Rosendahl Gas Injector Valve (RGIV) to speed up your process even more. The self-locking system can be left in the extruder. So you can produce solid- and foam-recipes without dismantling the equipment. Helping you to reduce changeover-time.

Together with the line control RIO, we provide perfect process stability and repeatability. Because inline quality monitoring of all relevant process parameters and an online FFT system.
With this we guarantee highest quality and productivity of the extrusion line.

RMFC Rosendahl Mass Flow Controller
- precise mass flow control;
- quick reaction to flow adjustments;
- repeatability of the process;
- define mass flow as recipe parameter;
- reduce start up scrap;
- process stability (long term);
- easy installation, plug & play;

RGIV Rosendahl Gas Injector Valve
- self-locking injector;
- one size fits all;
- leave in for solid production;
- works for all materials PE-PP (FEP);
- at any size extruder;
- standard connection thread (1/2” – 20UNF);
- minimum cleaning / maintenance required;
- available for upgrades.


All data have been extracted from a process using RMFC. Without RMFC one has to wait until the melt pressure and gas pressure become stable which can be seen around the time 10:14.

Product diameter 2 mm
Capacitance 85.6 pF/m
telescopic cooling trough position: 67.2%
Gas flow: 0,2 ln/min
Gas pressure: 145 bar
Melt pressure 202 bar
Conductor diameter 0,8 mm

Scrap material length 962 m (gray color)

Using RMFC 1,5 min after the line is started, we have good products

Copper scrap reduction of approx. factor 4
~ 1,5 min with RMF
~ 6 min without RMFC


Conductor 0,8mm
Line speed 1000m/min
Cost saving 4,5 min = 4500 m = 30kg x 8€/kg (actual copper price) = 150€ for each start
Market price 6.7.21/16:56 Uhr: