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R.T.P. Paganoni: quality guaranteed

Published: - 14/05/2008 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
R.T.P. Paganoni: guarantees of quality.
For years, our company has been engaged in finding the most satisfactory solutions to the problems of our clients in the field of wear-resistant materials. The company's primary aim is to offer products with exceptional properties of resistance to wear, abrasion and corrosion, while attempting to combine high quality with reasonable prices. Our quality is guaranteed: DIAMOND 2000 COATING TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTIC AND MICROSCOPICAL TEST Surface hardness: HRC 61.0 - 63.0 - 56.0 Coating Thickness: 0.8 - 0.6 mm Distance from surface: 0.05 mm 890 HV 0.10 mm 926 HV 0.20 mm 1100 HV Tungsten Carbide hardness: HRC 75.0 Hardness in section: HV 0.300 g Enlargement: 50x DIAMOND 3000 COATING TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTIC AND MICROSCOPICAL TEST Hardness: HRC 60.0 - 61.0 HV I hardness: 940 - 957 - 940 Coating Thickness: 0.6 mm Uniform and close-packed structure. Small superficial asperities. R.T.P. PAGANONI IS IN CONTINUOUS EVOLUTION WITH THE NEW “DIAMOND 3000” COATING. This coating has been tested as an alternative to ceramic for the dry drawing of steel wire up to 1200 mm. The advantages are excellent resistance to wear and hard abrasion, strong adhesion to any type of material, being a non-insulating coating, it permits heat to disperse throughout the wire. Thanks to continuous technological innovation and the use of sophisticated equipment, we are able to satisfy your every need and, when necessary, experiment with new procedures to obtain products "made to measure" for our clients.