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Versa Line: a versatile plant for production in steel mills

Published: - 19/07/2021 Author: Alessio Cirulli
Versa Line: a versatile plant for production in steel mills

Feralpi is investing three million euros in Riesa for a high-performance mesh welding machine.

It is 90 meters long, it can produce a lot at high speed and it is absolutely accurate thanks to the sophisticated sensor technology. 
With this information Feralpi Stahl advertises its new mesh welding machine.

A total of three million euros were invested to improve the production of welded mesh with the Versa-Line 3500 model.

As the company reports, the new machine allows the continuous production of different types of mesh without changeover times.
At the same time, there is a real-time control of the wire straightening quality.

“The Italian manufacturer Schnell gave us the machine in mid-June. The training of our staff is currently still ongoing”, says Bernd Kalies, Feralpi Operational Manager.
The machine is therefore still in one-shift operation, and will gradually switch to three-shift operation over the next few weeks.

The machine is practically a joint project between Feralpi Stahl and Schnell.
Ideas were exchanged for five years, and intensive planning on the highly complex system was carried out together for two years. It was a great challenge to finalize all the ideas, technical developments and space availability into a single concept", said Kalies. 
Feralpi & Schnell, a winning team!

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