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Innovative tensioning and feed-back brakes by Sjogren Industries

Published: - 05/11/2019 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Innovative tensioning and feed-back brakes by Sjogren Industries

Sjogren Industries has become a real specialist in the manufacture of wire straighteners and grooved rolls over its more than 90 years of experience. The American company also specializes in wedge grips, wire guides, tensile testing inserts, quality control machinery, and magnetic brakes and clutches: they all abide to Sjogren maxim “simple ideas make better solutions”.

Speaking of brakes and clutches, the firm manufactures special mechanically assembled (not welded) Hysteresis Tensioning Brakes, that allow an easy replacement of bearings.
These devices also help controlling torque variations, thus preserving drivetrain life in winding operations. They do not need an external power source, because they rely on magnetic resistance. This particular feature makes them mechanical and friction wear proof. Furthermore, the operator can precisely control torque and vary tension settings according to the ongoing operation, thanks to recording and repeatable parameters.

Sjogren’s Hysteresis Tensioning Brakes find wide usage in material unwinding operations for pay-off applications. This particular process has been innovated by Sjogren’s Hysteresis Tensioning Feed-Back Brakes, the largest permanent magnetic brakes on the market. Last but not least, the torque is automatically adjusted throughout unwinding phase by the feedback arm.