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All you need to know about ARXivar: the document management software by smeup

Published: - 22/11/2022 Author: Martina, Ed. Staff
All you need to know about ARXivar: the document management software by smeup

smeup supports enterprises through their Digital Transformation, valuing intelligence and work processes under the guidance of innovation.

Thanks to the digital era, technology is now a crucial part of everyday business life, providing security, effectiveness, and savings in terms of time and resources. The goal of process digitalization is to optimize work and ensure the organizational efficacy of each activity. "Digital transformation" refers to using digital technologies and data to optimize the organization of your business.

This process occurs by creating a synergy between humans and technology, involving both parties, and offers countless benefits, including reduced paper quantities, manual labor, and human errors. All this leads to the gradual replacement of traditional tools to streamline workflows and maintain functional business management:

“With the dematerialization of documents, you can have everything available on shared and controlled systems, which with paper documents is not possible, and therefore it’s easier to avoid partial, missing, or ambiguous information," declares Gianna Maria Ladu, smeup analyst developer and PM Arxivar certified specialist.

Nowadays, "Process digitalization" is very often associated with automation, which requires a management software. However, digital transformation does not stop at mere automation. When you digitalize a process, you also need to automate the existing workflow while improving it.

For this purpose, smeup has developed the perfect solution: ARXivar, a flexible document management software that can transform every business process and procedure into a simple and intuitive workflow.

The software offers:

- valid use of resources;
- optimized results;
- focus on evolving opportunities and definition of related priorities;
- possibility to channel efforts into core processes;
- reduce excesses or duplicated activities, assignments, and tasks;
- making the entire business structure more agile and flexible;
- a comprehensive overview;

Some processes digitalized with ARXivar are:

- expense account;
- DDT;
- orders;
- CEM email;
- contracts with graphometric signature;
- multichannel mailing.

For further information, please contact smeup through the references on the side.