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Air filtration and coalescence: SO.TEC technology

Published: - 16/07/2021 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
Air filtration and coalescence: SO.TEC technology

In physics, coalescence is a spontaneous aggregation phenomenon by which two or more small particles merge to form a single, larger particle. This process may occur between a liquid and a gas, or between two liquids in the state of emulsion. Exploiting this principle, SO.TEC has developed a special filtration technology to purify the air from fumes, oil mists, and industrial dust.

In particular, SO.TEC filters feature a special glass fiber surface that captures and blocks oil droplets. These molecules merge and precipitate upon reaching a certain weight. Under the coalescing filter, a special tank collects the precipitated oil and allows it to be reused.

These filtration systems represent an extremely advantageous option, not only from a health point of view but also in economic terms.
SO.TEC coalescing filters guarantee:

- long duration and minimal maintenance need;
- constant separation efficiency even without maintenance;
- emission values much lower than the limits imposed by law;
- partial recovery of the liquid to be used in certain production processes.

SO.TEC produces three types of coalescing filters: the Mini-Max filter, the Mini-Max Plus filter with vertical layout, and the Super-compact coalescing plants. All filtration systems are widely customizable according to needs and available space.

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