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Aspiration and filtration of oil mist, who to contact?

Published: - 13/01/2020 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
Aspiration and filtration of oil mist, who to contact?

SO.TEC’s 2020 begins with the installation of a new plant for the filtration of oil mist (flow rate of 1.500 m3/h). This time, the request comes from a company in the turning sector looking for a system able to aspirate its whole-lubro-refrigerated machine tool’s harmful fumes.

The removal of the emissions involves two consecutive steps, carried out by the same plant: suction and filtration.
First of all, special fans aspirate the fumes locally and convey them to the filtration system through pipes and ducts. This is where the second phase takes place, which is crucial to reduce the fume concentration level below dangerous thresholds. To carry out this operation, SO.TEC plants use coalescence filters with fiberglass candles, currently considered one of the most efficient and advanced technologies.

If you are planning to purchase a new oil fume aspiration and filtration system, do not hesitate to contact SO.TEC for a quotation.

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