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How to choose the right industrial dedusting plant for your company?

Published: - 26/07/2020 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
How to choose the right industrial dedusting plant for your company?

The formation of harmful dusts during industrial processing is an unavoidable unwanted effect. However, by using the right industrial dedusting plant, you can prevent serious harm to the personnel's health, production processes, and the machinery itself.

It is paramount that the dedusting system is tailored to the nature and quantity of the dusts, to the airflow inside the building, and to the target sector (mechanical, chemical-pharmaceutical, food, construction industry, and so on).

How to choose the right industrial dedusting plant for your company?
That’s easy! Just ask SO.TEC. After a careful inspection, their experts will assemble the perfect industrial dedusting system for your company, complete with after-sales assistance. Specifically, the system can include several individual components, which can be alternated according to your needs:

Dedusting cassette and cartridge filters
These systems are based on Nederman technology, of which SO.TEC is the official Italian supplier. They can be customized with different types of filters such as FMK25 cassette filters ideal for small and medium-sized facilities, or the more compact FMC200 cartridge filters to optimize space and improve production efficiency.

Mobile dust collectors
These mobile units equipped with flexible/rigid arms are perfect for welding fumes and dusts. Suitable for light and occasional applications in different parts of the working environment, they are usually placed nearby the sources.

Flexible/rigid arms for spot dedusting
These are flexible and/or rigid arms usually installed on a centralized dedusting system such as the FMC200. They are extremely compact and can be moved around as needed.

For more information on these and other SO.TEC solutions for industrial suction and filtration, please contact the company using the references on the left.

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