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Even more flexibility for Tec.Al.Co. conductors

Published: - 26/01/2018 Author: Simonati, Programming office
Even more flexibility for Tec.Al.Co. conductors

In July 2017 Tec.Al.Co. (Tecnologia Allumino Conduttori) has launched a new important R&D and innovation activity for its products and manufacturing processes.

The company is specialised in design and production of aluminium bare conductors (Wire, Strands, Flexible and Rigid ropes) for both automotive and energy distribution fields, produced in accordance with international standards.

Tec.Al.Co., in accordance with its own Mission, continuously promotes R&D activities in order to provide the best solutions to reach the results expected from its clients/partners and to increase the added value for the entire supply chain.

The new project, realized in partnership with accredited Centers of Research and Universities, will make a relevant contribution to the performance improving of Class5 Aluminium Conductors in terms of space saving, flexibility increase and reduction of the contact resistance at the conductor-connector surface.