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Wire carrier tilting unit model RB2000

Published: - 18/02/2021 Author: info@tecnoimpianti-italy.com
Wire carrier tilting unit model RB2000

Many companies need to tilt empty wire carriers either to pick up strapped wire coils for vertical uncoiling operations or to extract coils for horizontal movements.

Such tilting operations are often executed manually or utilizing the tip of the fork-lift truck forks, in some cases with high injury risks. Tecno Impianti’s wire carrier tilting unit, instead, allows executing these processes in a safe way. This machine is designed according to the customer's carrier layout and sized for the total weight to be tipped.

The tilting unit consists of a base chassis with a 90° tilting platform hinged to the frame, equipped with a wire carrier centering system, and special harpoons to anchor the wire carrier to the platform. The machine is also equipped with hydraulic and electrical operation control units. Commands can be issued through a dedicated push-button panel or via radio control. The working area is protected by proper protection fences with photoelectric barriers installed on the loading/unloading side.