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Mobile induction unit, SCF/I by Tecnopress

Published: - 04/11/2019 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Mobile induction unit, SCF/I by Tecnopress

Tecnopress, Italian expert in the wire processing industry, is pleased to announce its latest mobile induction unit, SCF/I. This device is specifically designed to preheat stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum wire coils (from ø4 mm to ø20 mm) up to 400 °C. The induction process enhances the plasticity and malleability of the material for an easier forming. This preheated wire is then forged into a variety of fasteners solutions.

SCF/I main technical characteristics:
- bent steel sheet frame;
- pivoting wheels for an easy handling;
- stabilizing jacks;
- heating spiral;
- inbound wire straightener for an accurate alignment of the wire with the forming machine;
- automatic regulation of wire height during the feeding phase.

This brand new machine features a wide selection of controls, both electrical and mechanical, bundled together for an easier usage. These controls range from an optical pyrometer - showing the wire temperature - and a line breaker, to start/stop/emergency buttons and a digital display for the monitoring of the power output.
Maneuverability is not left behind: the SCF/I measures indeed 850 x 1440 x 2000 cm at only 250 Kg.
The mobile unit by Tecnopress is shipped with an additional heating spiral, cable and socket, CE label and instruction manual.

For any further details, please contact Tecnopress through the information on the left.