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Torino Spring: how to protect springs against corrosion?

Published: - 27/07/2020 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Torino Spring: how to protect springs against corrosion?

Epoxy painting is used to improve the resistance of metal objects to corrosive agents (such as weather, humidity, chemicals and so on) commonly present in harsh environments. The treatment is performed by applying epoxy resin-based coatings on the surface, creating a thin and polished protective layer on the final product.

In the continuous research for innovative materials and coatings, Torino Spring has developed over the years an automatic plant for the third party epoxy painting of springs and other small metal parts. Two powder formulations are currently available: Rilsan ESY® and PA 571 ES® by Plascoat.

Rilsan® polyamide 11 is a thermoplastic material with high molecular thickness. It is a high-performance, plant-based material designed to prevent corrosion for up to 10 years. The epoxy coating can also reduce germs formation by 90% compared to traditional stainless steels and is thus particularly suitable for applications in the medical field.

PPA 571® is a thermoplastic powder specifically developed to achieve long-term adhesion on both mild steel and aluminum substrates, without prior application of an adhesive primer. PPA 571® is superior to many - if not to all - conventional coating powders in terms of UV and salt spray resistance. Besides, this innovative formulation was proven suitable for use in aggressive chemical environments or where high abrasion resistance is required, e.g. contact with concentrated sulphuric acid (traction battery bins) and other chemicals.

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Torino Spring was established in 2017 from the former MCS Il Mollificio Srl, a historical Italian spring-maker. Today the company makes use of the most cutting-edge technology to manufacture everyday compression, traction, torsion springs, as well as small metal parts and hooks.