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A word with Tramev: pandemic, trade shows, and corporate innovations

Published: - 03/11/2020 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
A word with Tramev: pandemic, trade shows, and corporate innovations

Since 1977 Tramev has been supporting the metalworking industry with specific solutions dedicated to wire cutting, straightening, and bending operations: wire and cable shears, straighteners, welding machines, you name it. The company provides its customers with a wide range of easy-to-use, versatile, and powerful equipment, as well as auxiliary machineries such as tilters, pay-off, wire carriers, reels, and complete drawing lines.

Following up on the wire Düsseldorf official cancellation, we asked Cristian Saraceno – Tramev Sales Manager – and Davide Roda – Tramev Sales Account – to speak their thoughts on the present state of affairs and how to effectively deal with complex and uncertain future scenarios.

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed our habits. What are the main critical issues that you have to deal with in the workplace?
We had to take all the necessary precautions to avoid infections, but we did not experience that big of an issue in our internal management.

Trade fair events have always been an integral part of your corporate strategy. How has the pandemic affected this aspect of your company?
It had a negative impact, for sure. Trade fairs are not only an occasion to meet customers and business partners but also a place where new ideas can take shape. We have tried to make do by holding online webinars, but we hope we will be able to attend fairs and events early next year. At the moment, both the Fastener Fair in Stuttgart and the Interwire in Atlanta are confirmed. We will see how things develop in the coming months.

wire 2020 has been officially canceled, but we understand you had already canceled your participation...
Yes, we had. First of all, we were concerned about the safety of our employees and collaborators. Plus, many of our customers had already informed us they would not attend the event in the first place.

Do you have any new projects in store for the coming months?
By the end of the month, we are going to showcase our new battery-powered portable wire straightener (up to ø32 mm wire). In the meantime, we are developing a new portable system to automatically remove the welding burr: this will allow our customers to do without the angle grinder and everything that comes with it. We hope we can present this other project next year.

You recently showcased all the power of your shears in a series of videos on YouTube. How important is the web in today’s business, all the more so now that international travel is limited?
It’s not just important, it’s crucial! On that note, by the end of the year, we will launch the new Tramev website as part of a broader communication strategy involving the entire TSP Group. We will also put more emphasis on social media while maintaining a presence also in trade magazines.

Why is it important to use Tramev equipment in wire cutting and straightening operations?
Cutting and straightening are the bread and butter of wire drawing mills, steel mills, and mechanical workshops. Our wide range of equipment is there to make operators' life easier when carrying out these tricky operations. Moreover, all our products are 100% Made in Italy, which is undoubtedly a plus, even today.

Many people believe that there is not much room left for innovation in the wire sector. Do you agree with this statement?
I do agree this is a sector where it is difficult to innovate. However, by investing in new technologies, we can still improve all those aspects related to safety and automation in wire drawing lines.