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Regenerate your wire drawing lubricants with Tramev and PWT

Published: - 07/08/2022 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Regenerate your wire drawing lubricants with Tramev and PWT

The wire drawing process involves heavy use of lubricant. In order to contain high costs, in some cases, there is a tendency to use it beyond the recommended times, with risks of breakage and excessive wear on the drawing dies. To avoid these problems, companies may purchase lubricants with longer use cycles, or they may choose to change the lubricants more often. Both solutions are not ideal and result in waste and significant costs.

What if we told you that there is a third option, allowing you to purify the lubricant and make it reusable?

Tramev introduces the Quantum™- LCM™ (lubricant conditioning machine), a PWT-branded machine designed to solve this problem by removing contaminants through patented magnetic separation techniques. This makes it possible to replace lubricant frequently while maintaining optimal performance without additional expense.

PWT Quantum™- LCM™ will bring countless benefits to your production, both from a technical-financial and environmental point of view:
- cost reduction, both in terms of purchase and disposal of lubricant (return from investment in 9 months);
- significant reduction in waste, with a lubricant recovery rate of 65-70%;
- higher total drawing speed;
- improved quality of the wire produced, characterized by better tension strength;
- real-time measurement of lubricant purity, without the need for sampling;
- reduced die wear, avoiding possible breakage and inactivity times;
- reduced downtime;
- ease of installation and reduced maintenance.

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