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Special offer: automatic pickling line for sale

Published: - 05/07/2020 Author: Simonati, Programming office
Special offer: automatic pickling line for sale

Tramev offers for sale a complete automatic pickling line in excellent condition.

The plant, dated 1999 and currently in use in Northern Italy, will be available and ready for disassembly from July 2021.

Main features
Capacity: 150 tons per day - 3 shifts.
External dimensions of the line: 25.75x6.9m height 6.9m.
Coils that can be processed: min. internal ø 700mm - max. external ø 1500mm.
#5 standard lifting devices in PVC coated construction steel, with maximum capacity 3500Kg.
#4 loading/unloading stations.

#1 worker per shift + forklifts for loading and unloading operations
#1 automatic overhead crane for line feeding.

General data
The electrical systems of the supplied machines have voltage 400 V +10% - 10%, frequency 50 Hz ± 0.5 % 3Ph+N+PE. The pressure of dry compressed air must be 8 bar. The natural methane gas supply must be regulated in compliance with the country standards. Components are mainly made in Europe.

Relays and contacts - SIEMENS
Remote-control switches - SIEMENS
PLC - SIEMENS - last update 2017
Photosensors - SIEMENS – OMRON
Pneumatics - UNIVER - PNEUMAX
Bearings - SKF
Burners - ESA.
Hot air generator - RIEL

General information
Surface treatment cycle of wire coils
The line is currently used for the surface finishing of mechanically cleaned (sandblasting) wire coils. With the appropriate upgrades, the line can be implemented for chemical pickling.

The tank is currently used with a chlorate and nitrate-chlorate phosphating bath which works as a base for anchoring lubricating materials (soap, slaked lime, polymer) on steel wire coils intended for subsequent cold forming (drawing and heading). The phosphate layer enables excellent cold forming while preserving the surface quality and extending the tool's life. Furthermore, it also reduces the friction coefficient between the sliding materials, with huge savings on lubricant.

Capacity 11m^3.
Material: construction steel structure + AISI 304 tank.
Burner 200kW.
Heat exchanger Fe360/AISI310.

Water rinsing
The static rinsing is performed to remove the residuals on the bonderized material’s surface, which could contaminate the following baths.

Capacity 12.5m^3 liters.
Material: construction steel structure + PVC tank.

Slaked lime
In this tank, calcium hydroxide is used to create a protective layer on the material’s surface in preparation for the next lubrication.

Capacity 11m^3
Material: construction steel structure + PVC tank
Burner 200kW
Heat exchanger Fe360/AISI310

In the soap tank, a lubricant layer is applied to increase the wire drawing performances.

Capacity 12.5m^3.
Material: construction steel structure + construction steel tank.
Burner 200kW.
Heat exchanger Fe360/AISI310.

During this phase, a polymeric layer is applied on the wire surface. It will act as lubricant in the subsequent steps.

Capacity 11m^3.
Material: construction steel structure + construction steel tank.
Burner 200kW.
Heat exchanger Fe360/AISI310.
Pneumatic cover.

Tank furnace for coils drying.

Capacity 16.8m^3.
Material: construction steel structure + AISI304 tank.
Burner 200kW.
Heat exchanger AISI310.
Hot air generator RIEL JUMBO200 200kW.
Pneumatic cover.

The line also features an automatic overhead crane (capacity of 5 tons) together with its support structure. All the lifting equipment has been regularly maintained (new lifting motor in 2019) and in good condition. Many accessories and storage tanks are also included. PLC were totally renewed in 2017.

Ex works.

For price and further details, please contact the company using the references on the left.

Present on the market since 1977, Tramev is a real specialist in the wire and cable industry.


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