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Vassena to expand its offer: dies with interchangeable and Versimax core

Published: - 09/05/2022 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Vassena to expand its offer: dies with interchangeable and Versimax core

Vassena Filiere continues to expand its product portfolio. The Italy-based company, synonymous with quality in the wire industry, produces high-performance dies and equipment for the world of wire drawing.

Besides the diamond coated dies, the PCD dies, and the tungsten carbide dies, the company will also offer dies with interchangeable cores. Vassena Filiere opened up to this market segment following the numerous requests from its customers, despite having serious concerns about the reliability of this technology. If a core is not installed correctly, it could suffer severe damage and even break due to excessive vibration. However, this type of product also offers considerable advantages, such as a reduction in transport costs, since the weight of the lot will necessarily be lower compared to shipments of complete dies. Moreover, the company is available to purchase worn-out cores (tungsten carbide scraps) to recycle, thus reinforcing its commitment to sustainability. It's worth pointing out that Vassena Fililere does not reduce the core's dimension, but uses the same type with the same performance.

Another addition are the new dies with "Versimax" core, a new composite material. These are among the top-performing products in the company's catalog for a reason. Despite the higher than the average initial investment, their extreme longevity makes them perfect for the continuous production and Industry 4.0 requirements that are crucial in today's wire industry.

But it doesn't end there; the company has also developed a new press-fit system for dies with fixed or interchangeable cores, for both cylindrical and conical die holder (without a clamping plug).

To top it all off, all Vassena dies can be supplied with or without a pressure bush to best meet individual needs.

For further information, please contact the company staff through the references on the side.

A closer look at the "Versimax" core: