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Viraj becomes member of the Metal Recycling Association of India

Published: - 18/09/2012 Author: Dell'Oro, Management

Lean, mean and green.

Viraj, the leading stainless steel producer focusing on wire and wire rods, fasteners, profiles, flanges and bright bars, announces that it has become a member of the Metal Recycling Association of India (MRAI).

Viraj, based in Mumbai (India), is going eco-friendly by concentrating on energy efficiency in the production process with the use of eco-friendly recyclable materials.
The company recognises that the use of recycled scrap supports waste management, preserves natural resources and reduces energy usage. The company uses waste exchange extensively, so the waste product of one process becomes the raw material for another, without any impact on the final quality.

Automatic temperature control system prevents overheating, therefore saving energy per cycle.
For processes as Induction melting, Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) Refining and Continuous Casting, Viraj uses induction furnaces on a rotational basis, which ensures that they are maintained to perform at optimum working levels to provide better output and minimise the consumption of energy.
The strategically located plants facilitate an effective flow of operations and reduce transition times.
Having an own in-house logistics company, Viraj is able to contribute directly to the control of pollution by using environment-friendly fuel. A stringent management of fleet schedules and continuous maintenance of vehicles further leads to optimum fuel consumption.