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WBO Italcables, how 51 former workers bought out their company and led it to success

Published: - 26/07/2019 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
WBO Italcables, how 51 former workers bought out their company and led it to success

Expometals.net gives a warm welcome to WBO Italcables, Italian online exhibitor specializing in the production of wires, braids and strands for pre-pressed reinforced concrete.

WBO Italcables was established in 2015 in peculiar circumstances. The corporate plant, which extends over an area of 75,000 square meters, was built between the ‘70s and the ‘80s by Redealli Tecna. The property was first handed over to Italcables Spa. When the company was announced to undergo a liquidation process, the 51 former workers bought it out and founded Workers BuyOut Italcables.

The company boasts today the best machinery and technology available on the market and a production capacity of over 60,000 tons per year. An efficient organization and the expertise of the technical staff allows it to offer excellent products and services, that perfectly match its customers’ needs.

The legacy of Redaelli Tecna and Italcables is still present; over the years, former managements have expanded the production range, allowing the renewed WBO to become a leader all over the world in the production of wire, braids and strands for pre-compressed reinforced concrete, used for prefabs and big structures, such as viaducts, bridges, tunnels, regasification plants and much more.

It is often said that the heart of a company are its products, but its soul are its employees: WBO Italcables is the perfect example.

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