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Weighpack delivers tailor-made bag packaging line to Mexico

Published: - 06/10/2019 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Weighpack delivers tailor-made bag packaging line to Mexico

Weighpack was established in 1974 in the Netherlands with a specific aim: design, manufacture and service packaging lines for high density, high weight, and technical products.
It is for this reason that Truper, one of the most renowned and used brands on the Mexican tools and fasteners market, has commissioned the Dutch company to engineer a customized bag packaging line.

As a result of over 45 years of experience, Weighpack came up with a tailor-made solution for Truper: an optimized and scalable system that covers the entire product packaging process from product infeed to weigh check.

The bag packaging line starts with product feeding, where a movable 1,000 kg load capacity Lift & Tip unit empties internal bins in one of the two main hoppers with a load capacity of 1,200 kg.
Through a special vibratory pre-weigh tray, the products are fed to the two 10-head combination weighers which, together with the two bag makers, can generate an outstanding output of up to 70 bags per minute.

This is the full configuration of the packaging line:

- a movable lift and tip unit type LU1000
- 2 vibratory feed hoppers type VB1000
- 2 high level vibratory pre-weigh trays type FPW400
- 2 high-speed multi-head weighers model WPMH10
- reject position for each multi-head weigher
- independent frame and platform type MFMS1
- divider chutes and trap boxes
- adapter chutes for different forming tube sizes
- vertical form-, fill- and seal machine type WPVF270
- additional sealing jaws with hanging hole punch
- 2 label print & apply units for the application of self-adhesive labels type LAB80PR
- bag takeaway conveyors
- two static belt weigh checker to check the content of the bags
- sample scale with interface type ICS465
- central control cabinet with PC control unit

The end products are sealed and labeled poly bags, with or without Euro hole punch depending on your needs.

The entire line was built up and tested at Weighpack company’s plant in The Hague, and then dismantled, packed, transported and rebuilt at the Truper factory in Jilotepec, Mexico.
Every part of the bag packaging line communicates with each other: this guarantees trouble-free operations and efficient maintenance and will net Truper huge savings.