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Liquidation of assets of a wire and cable plant in Chester, NY (USA)

Published: - 03/06/2021 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Liquidation of assets of a wire and cable plant in Chester, NY (USA)

Wire & Plastic Machinery Corporation is still liquidating the assets of a wire and cable plant in Chester, NY. All items are currently available on an AS IS, WHERE IS basis. Below are some of the highlights of what is available. This PDF file has the full current updated list of equipment available. Call or email WPMC to set up an appointment visit.

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EXPL464 – Jacketing Line, 4½" Davis Standard Extruder 24:1 L/D, Thermatic II, (2/2) 96" Ceeco Portal Floor Traversing Payoffs and Takeups, 42" Metering Caterpuller, 60" Davis Standard Pullout Caterpuller, Water Trough, Clinton Spark Tester, (2) 800mm Overhead Accumulators, R-L

EXPL465 – THHN Line, 4½" Davis Standard 20:1 L/D Extruder, Thermatic III, 2½" Sterling Nylon Extruder, 36" Dual Flyer Cone with Jacks, Tensioner, Water Trough, 24" Multipass Capstan, 30" Davis Electric Dual Takeup, Model TAP-30, Merritt Davis 2½" Portable Horizontal Stripe Extruder, L-R

EXPL466 – Partial Jacketing Line, 6" Sterling Extruder, 24:1 L/D, DC Drive, Skaltek Portal Payoff, Model A20S, 96" AFA Portal Payoff, 72" Davis Electric Metering Belt Caterpuller, Water Trough, 50" MGS Pull Out Belt Caterpuller, Merritt Davis 48" Horizontal Accumulator

EXPL467 – THHN Line, 4½" Sterling Extruder, 20:1 L/D, 3½" Sterling Extruder 20:1 L/D, (2) 72" Pops Portal Floor Traversing Payoff, (2) Skaltek 1.2m U12P-4K Takeups, Trough, 32" Davis Standard Multipass Capstan, 24" Davis Standard & 36" Royle Belt Wrap Capstan, Clinton Spark Tester, (2) 24" Overhead Horizontal Accumulator, R-L

EXPL468 – THHN Line, 3½" Sterling Extruder, 20:1 L/D, 2½" Davis Standard/Sterling Extruder, 24:1 L/D, Genca Portable Striping Extruder, 36" Clipper Dual Flyer Cone with Driven Jacks, Water Trough, 16" Merritt Davis Multipass Capstan, R-L

EXPL469 – Partial Jacketing Line, 4½" Davis Standard Extruder, 24:1 L/D, Thermatic, Water Trough, Clinton Spark Tester, 36" Davis Electric Belt Caterpuller, R-L

EXPL470 – XLPE Line Partial, (2/2) 84" Portal Gantry Payoffs and Takeups, 48" Metering Belt Caterpuller, 54" Bartell Pullout Belt Caterpuller, Multi Pass Water Trough, Clinton Spark Tester, TEC 1.25" Portable Stripe Extruder, 3 Wheel Load Cell, L-R

EXPL472 – Partial Jacketing Line, 48" Davis Electric Metering  Belt Caterpuller, 72" Sterling Pullout Belt Caterpuller, Water Trough, Clinton Spark Tester, 84" Ceeco Portal Floor Traversing Takeup, L-R

EXR208 – 4½” Davis Standard. 20:1 Thermatic III Rubber Extruder, Water Cooled, Roller Feed, 125 HP DC Motor

EXP1426 – 100mm Mapre Extruder, 25:1 L/D, Model E1-100-25, Year 1997

EXP1427 – 100mm Maillefer Extruder, 24:1 L/D, Model NMC-100-24, Year 2006

EXP1429 – 2½” Davis Standard Hi Temp Thermatic I, 24:1 L/D, Barrel and Front End are Thermatic II style


CBR1353 – 30" Ceeco Planetary Cabler Line, 12+ 18, 125 HP Saftronics DC, 2 - 20" Ceeco/Stolberger Dual Eccentric Tapers, Concentric Binder, 60" Dual Wheel Capstan, 84" Stolberger Column Type Takeup, 84" Hock Shaftless Drag Brake Payoff, Overhead Hoist/ Rails, R-L, Allen Bradley PLC

CBR1355 – Ceeco 60" Drum Twisting Line, 30" Rotating Dual Capstan, (3) 84"& (1) 72" Shaftless Payoffs, 10 Reels, R-L

CBR1356 – Pourtier 1.6m Drum Twisting Line, Shaft Type Drum Twister, w/36" Rotating Capstan, Concentric Taper, 3" Bore, (5) 84" Shaftless Payoffs, Spark Tester, Belt Measuring Machine, AC Drive, 14 Reels, L-R

CBR1357 – Godderidge 1250 mm Double Twist Buncher, Tensioner, 1.2m Portal Payoff, R-L

CBR1359 – SAMP 800mm Double Twist Buncher, Model BM 800D, Year 1994

CBR1361 – Setic 760 mm Double Twist Buncher, Model TA 760 Ni, Parker AC Drive, AB Panelview 550, Year 2000 (Qty 2)

CBR1362 – Lesmo 760 mm Double Twist Buncher, Model DTO760 BM, Year 1994 

CBR1366 – Ceeco 24 Wire 22" Rigid Serving Line w/Dual Eccentric Taper, 84" Belt Caterpuller, DC Drive, Portal Floor Traversing Takeup, (2) Davis Electric 84"Portal Gantry Payoffs, Six Bobbin Loader

CBR1367 – AFA SZ Line, 19 Wires, 14 Lay Plates,(2) Dual Cross Concentric Binders, Torsion Lock Caterpuller, (2) Concentric Tapers, 36" Belt Wrap Capstan, 2m Portal Takeup w/Catenary Arm Dancer, Tensioner System

CAT1368 – 630mm Northampton B630 Double Twist Twinners, Yr 2000 (Qty 4)

CBR1369 – 630mm Northampton SLU630 Double Twist Buncher, Yr 2000

TBR215 – Ceeco 12 Wire, 24" Tubular Strander, 48" Dual Capstan, Portal Floor Traversing Takeup, 1m Hock Shaftless Payoff, 200 HP Parker DC Drive, Shaftless Cradles, Rope Brake Tensioning


RWD654 – Skaltek Dispatch Winding Line w/Skaltek AX26, 2.6m Driven Payoff, EC 60 Measuring Unit, Windak DP32 Palletizer, Clinton Sparker

RWD660 – Ceeco Rewind Line, 84" Portal Floor Traversing Drag Payoff, 72" Portal Floor Traversing Takeup, Clinton Sparker, Belt Measuring Machine


WRD1141 – SAMP MS 400 Rod Block, Catenary Arm Dancer, Winget Syncro Coiler

WRD1142 – SAMP R60 Rod Annealer (no drive), (2) SAMP Catenary Arm Dancers, SAMP 800mm Drop Coilers

WRD1143 – Niehoff M30 Intermediate Drawing Line w/C3 Annealer, Niehoff 800mm Shaftless Spooler, Year 1995

WRD1144 – Henrich 2 Wire Intermediate Drawing Machine, Annealer, Static Spooler, Intermediate Pointer/Stringer (Qty 3)

WRD1145 – SAMP TR/2-TR Intermediate Drawing Machine, R-L, Yr 1997