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Looking for a cantilevered wire and cable pay-off or take-up?

Published: - 12/01/2021 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Looking for a cantilevered wire and cable pay-off or take-up?

Some of the most relevant components in wire and cable production are take-ups and pay-offs, which are mainly used for winding and unwinding wire and cable in view of subsequent operations such as stranding, coating, sheathing, and insulation.

Within the range of used equipment offered by the US company Wire and Plastic Machinery Corporation, there are different types of pay-offs and take-ups. The main categories to be found in the company's huge inventory are column take-ups and pay-offs, dual-type, portal-type, shaftless, single or multiple machines.

The shaftless ones, those with cantilevered arm, have a large share of the market. Built to be particularly tough, cantilevered take-ups and pay-offs are available in a wide range of sizes and weight capabilities for a variety of applications. Choose yours in the extensive repertoire of Wire and Plastic Machinery Corp.

TKU1181 - 120" Ceeco Shaftless Take-up, Floor Traversing Type, 20 HP Vector Motor

TKU1366 - 96" Ceeco Shaftless Take up, Rebuilt with New Drive Panel w/Parker 15 HP AC vector drive, AB PLC

TKU1367.1 - 96" Ceeco Shaftless Takeup, 20,000# Capacity

TKU1531 - 96" Alcan Shaftless Takeup, Dual Hydraulic Lift, In/Out Both Arms, 3 KW ABB Drive/PLC

TKU1314 - 96" Fine Shaftless Takeup, Dual Hydraulic Lift, Vector Drive, Year 2007 (in the picture)

TKU1556 - 90" Bartell Shaftless Takeup, 10 HP AC Vector Motor w/6:1 Drive All Transmission

TKU1343 - 84" Bartell Takeup, Shaftless,10 HP AC Vector motor/ Drive

TKU1398 - 84" Bartell Shaftless Takeup, 7.5 HP DC Drive

TKU1439 - Bartell 84" Shaftless Take up, ECC Drive

TKU1397 - 84" Bartell Shaftless Takeup, 4:1 Driveall

TKU1540 - 84" Bartell Shaftless Takeup with ECC Motor

TKU1019 - 84" Reel-O-Matic Shaftless Takeup, Motoirized Screw Lift, 4:1 Driveall

TKU1353 - 72" Ceeco Shaftless Take up, AC Vector Drive

TKU946 - 72" Hall Shaftless, Floor Traversing Takeup, DC Drive, Catenary Dancer

TKU1216 - 72" Ceeco Shaftless Take up, Dual Hydraulic Lift, 1 Pintle In/Out

TKU1605 - 72" Davis Electric TUS-72 Shaftless Takeup, 10 HP DC Drive

TKU853 - 72" Ceeco Shaftless Take-up, Hydraulic Lift, In/Out Both Arms

TKU1575 - 72" Bartell Shaftless Takeup, 7.5 HP Eaton Dynamatic Drive

TKU1047 - 72" Davis Electric Shaftless Takeup, Model TUS

TKU1158.1 - 72" Davis Electric Shaftless Electric Takeup, TUS, 5HP DC Motor

TKU821 - 72” Davis Electric Takeup, Model: TUS-72

TKU732 - 72" Davis Electric Shaftless Take-up, TUS, 8,000 # Capacity

TKU605 - 40" Merrit Davis Shaftless Traversing Takeup

TKU1497 - 40"/1000 mm TEC Shaftless Takeup, DC Drive

TKU1614.1 - 40" Davis Electric Shaftless Takeup, Model TURA-40 (Qty 2)

TKU1613 - 40" Davis Electric Shaftless Take-up, ECC Motor, 4:1 Driveall (Qty 2)

TKU1566 - 36" Hall Shaftless Take up, Reliance 7.5 HP AC Inverter motor/drive

TKU1555 - 36" TEC Shaftless Takeup, DC Drive

TKU1335 - 36" Wireline Shaftless Takeup, AC Drive

TKU1555 - 36" TEC Shaftless Take up, DC Drive

TKU1524 - 36" Davis Electric Shaftless Takeup, Model PORA 18-36 (Converted to TU)

TKU1603 - 36" Davis Electric TURA-36 Shaftless Takeups (Qty 2)

TKU1336 - 36" Davis Electric Shaftless Takeup, 2 HP AC Motor, Uhing Traverse

TKU1583 - 36" Viteck Shaftless Takeups (Qty 2)

PAY1646 - Bartell 120" Shaftless Drag Brake Payoff

PAY1845 - 108" Bartell Payoff modified to 3.2m

PAY1202 - 104" Reel-O-Matic Shaftless Payoff, Model SP, Portable, Caliper Brake

PAY981 - 96" Entwistle Shaftless Driven Payoff, 5 HP DC Motor, 4:1 Driveall

PAY2070 - 96" Alcan Shaftless Driven Payoff

PAY1230 - 90" Ceeco Shaftless Payoff, Type 22

PAY1925 - 84" Ceeco Shaftless Payoff, Electric Brake.(2 Available)

PAY2148 - 84" MGS, Drag Brake Payoff, 20.000#

PAY1525 - 2m+ Auto Reel Shaftless Payoff, Like New

PAY2032.2 - 72" MGS Shaftless Payoff, Model POSL-72, Air Caliper Brake

PAY2033 - 72" MGS Shaftless Payoff, Model POSL-72

PAY2041 - 72" MGS Shaftless Payoff, Air Caliper Brake, 14000 lb. Capacity

PAY2145 - 72" MGS/Hall Shaftless Payoff, Air Caliper Brake

PAY2124 - 72" Ceeco Shaftless Payoff, Hydraulic Lift, In/Out Both Arms, Air Caliper Brake

PAY1465 - 72" Davis Electric Shaftless Driven Payoff

PAY1781 - 72" Sterling Davis Payoff, Model POS, Electric Brake ​​​​(Qty 2)

PAY2266 - 72" MGS Shaftless Pay off, Air caliper brake, Model POSL-72 

PAY1725 - 72" Reel-O-Matic Driven Payoff. Model: FMP2 (Qty 2)

PAY1578 - 72" Ceeco Shaftless Payoff, Air Caliper Brake,Dual Hydraulic Lift, Pintles in/Out

PAY2004 - 60" MGS/Hall Shaftless Driven Payoff w/15 HP AC Vector Motor

PAY2169 - 60" MGS Shaftless Payoff, Model POSL-60, Dual Hydraulic Lift, In/Out Both Pintles, Caliper Disk Brake

PAY2149 - Bartell 60" Shaftless Payoff, Air Caliper Brake

PAY2103 Bartell 60" Shaftless Payoff, 5HP DC Reliance drive

PAY1847 - 60" Hall Shaftless Payoff w/Dancer

PAY1421 - 60" Entwistle Shaftless Payoff, Model POS60-8

PAY2151 - 60" Merritt Davis Shaftless PayOff, Model PORA, Drag Brake

PAY2150 - Bartell 60" Shaftless Payoff, Air Caliper Brake

PAY1839 - 60" Reel-O-Matic ​​Shaftless Driven Payoff, AC Drive w/Vertical Dancer

PAY583 - 50" Davis Electric Shaftless Payoff, Model PORA, Electric Brake

PAY1872 - 50" Davis Standard Shaftless Payoff

PAY1164 - 50" Sterling Davis Electric Driven Payoff (modified to handle 36" reel or less)

PAY1509 - 48" Hall Shaftless Payoff, Hydraulic Lift, Non Driven

PAY980 - 48" Nokia Shaftless Driven Payoff

PAY1836 - 48" Reel-O-Matic Driven Payoff with Dancer

PAY1895 - 38" Bartell Shaftless Payoff, Model SLPO-38, Year 2000

PAY1557.1 - 36" MGS/Hall Shaftless, Non Driven Payoff

PAY2083 - 36" Hall Shaftless Payoff, Motorized In/Out Both Arms, Air Lift, Electric Brake

PAY1538 - 36" Davis Standard Shaftless Driven Payoff, Type 36/18, 5HP DC Drive

PAY1972 - 36"/1 meter Ceeco Shaftless Driven Payoff (2 available)

PAY1539 - 36" Entwistle Driven Payoff, Model POS36-D (Qty 2)

PAY1858 - 36" Wireline Shaftless Driven Payoff

PAY1929 - 36" Viteck Shaftless, Driven Payoff

PAY2021 - 36" Viteck Payoff, Driven, Shaftless, Model MPO-36-5, 5 HP DC Motor (Qty 2)

PAY1775 - 36” Viteck Shaftless Payoff, Dual Air Lift, Air Operated Pintle

PAY1643 - 36" Reel-O-Matic Driven Payoff

PAY1087 - 36" Davis Electric Driven Shaftless Payoff

PAY1488 - 36" Entwistle Shaftless Payoff

PAY2218 - 30" C.B. Shaftless Driven Payoff, 3 HP AC Inverter Drive​​​​