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Looking for a used caterpuller or rewind line to start the new year?

Published: - 14/01/2020 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Looking for a used caterpuller or rewind line to start the new year?


There are a variety of ways to pull the wire through the crosshead in an extrusion line or from a cabling line. Each pulling method has its advantages and disadvantages. A caterpuller has 2 belts that clamp together and provides a straight line pull that also has the ability to allow knots to pass through easily. It also provides relatively even pressure along the cable length minimizing the possibility of crushing the product. Belts can also be supplied in a variety of different diameters. The major disadvantage is that the process is typically limited to lower line speeds. Below are several of the caterpullers that Wire & Plastic Machinery Corporation, the US-based used equipment supplier for the wire & cable industry, has in inventory that might be suitable for your process needs.

CAT597 - 2.6 m MALI Belt Caterpuller, 6" wide belts, Both Belts Driven, R-L, NEW (in the picture)

CAT526 - 2m Johnson Metals Belt Caterpuller, 13.8 KW DC Drive, Year 1996

CAT145 - 84" Ceeco Belt Type Caterpuller, R-L Direction

CAT506 - 72" MGS Belt Caterpuller, Model LC72DW, DC Motor

CAT594 - 72" Davis Standard Belt Caterpuller, L-R, 10 HP DC

CAT404.1 - 60" Royle Belt Caterpuller, L-R, Yr. Mfg. 1998

CAT459 - 60" Ceeco Belt Caterpuller, L-R, 5 HP DC Motor, 5" Wide Belts

CAT099 - 1.20m Stolberger Belt Caterpuller, RS-110, L-R, 10 HP AC Vector Motor

CAT449 - 50" MGS Caterpuller, LC50.4.0, R-L

CAT437.3 - 48" IMC Belt Caterpuller, 5HP DC Drive

CAT462 - 12" Versa Belt Caterpuller, Model C22

CAT603 - 18" RDN Belt Caterpuller, 2 HP DC, R-L



Rewinders are a staple for the distributor side of the business for converting bulk packages to customer friendly spools. On the production floor, these can be used to correct bad winds or also to breakdown to usable reel sizes for the next process, additional testing or shipping. Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. has some complete rewind systems as listed below or can put a customized system together for you.

RWD298 - 120" Nokia Maillefer Rewind Line, Portal, Traversing, TUT30-20, 30 Ton Capacity. Painted

RWD602 - Skaltek 2.2m/2m Rewind Line w/ A22-4K Pay off, U20-T take Up,TS-20 Guide, CM Line controls

RWD589 - 96" AFA Portal Rewind Line, Floor Traversing Payoff and Take-up

RWD603 - 120" Reel-O-Matic Shaftless Rewind Line, 20,000 lbs. capacity

RWD505 - 36" MGS/Hall Fiber Rewind Line w/Control Panel, Traversing Pay off/Take-up

RWD355 - 12" Hall Fiber Rewinding Line

RWD609 - Rewind Line w/ 48" Tulsa Payoff, 6 ft Kalmark Vertical Dancer, Boston Matthews 24" Belt Caterpuller, (2) Banner Engineering 20" Collapsible Head Coilers

RWD612 - 36"/24" TEC Shaftless Rewind Line


WPMC has quite the variety of equipment. This list will give you a good idea of how diverse.

MSC1734 - Alloy Products Pressure Vessel UV Ink Pots (16)
MSC2650 - Chatillion Portable Scale, 1000 pounds capacity
MSC2655 - IMS Gaylord Tilt Table
MSC843 - Technical Development Corp. 4 Wheel Load Cell
MSC907 - Pollution Control Products, Cleaning Furnace, Model 1GG27F-4770
MSC2451 - Conair Knife Cutter for Cutting Tubes/Profiles, Model CSC


Wire & Plastic Machinery Corporation is pleased to offer the following STILL INSTALLED equipment for immediate sale direct from the facility in El Paso, TX, USA.
All remaining equipment will be soon moved to the Bonham, TX warehouse facility. More details are available on the WPMC website or by clicking the links below.

Niehoff MM85 Dual Rod Line (WRD1120)

- Niehoff MM85 Dual Rod Line, 13 Die, Ceramic Draw Blocks, Niehoff R 501 Horizontal Annealer, Niehoff WF 800 Drop Coiler, Bongard KW 800 Drop Coiler, Upgraded 2017 Electrics-Siemens 760 KW/124 KW AC Motors. Yaskawa A 1000 Drives, AB PLC51, Logix 5571
WRD1121 - Vaughn J15, 15 Die Rod Line, Ceramic Draw Blocks, Niehoff R 500 Annealer, 300 HP/60 HP Mentor II DC Drives, Endex/Niehoff ECC 18 Drop Coiler, Niehoff WF 801 Drop Coiler
WRD1122 - Bongard 800mm KW800 Coiling Head (NEW) 
WRD1119 - Filtertech Filtration Unit
WEL488 - Hakusan Heated Pressure Welder, Type BF-8D (3 available)
WEL489 - Koldweld KBM5 Cold Welder
WEL490 - Koldweld KBM9 Cold Welder
MSC2819 - Butech Rod Chopper, Model SK135-SP, Max. 5/16" Rod, 26,500 psi shear, 1500 Feet/min max.