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Second hand, reconditioned extruders and extrusion lines on sale

Published: - 05/11/2019 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Second hand, reconditioned extruders and extrusion lines on sale

On the non-ferrous side of things in the wire industry (and sometimes the ferrous), you have to coat the wire with an insulator. And for the most part, you need an extruder and associated line components. Below are some of the nicer inventory items that the notorious supplier of wire and cable equipment Wire & Plastic Machinery Corporation has available.

EXPL447 – Nextrom 80 mm 24:1 Loose Tube Line, Year 2001, w/ 12 pos. RST 300/12 Ribbon Payoff Strander, NMB 24-80D Extruder, 20m Water Trough, Caterpuller BO 25, Belt Capstan BC1000, 2.24m Portal Takeup FTU 3. Dancer ND 800P, Beta Lasermike Diameter Gage and Lump Detector, Belt M.M, Line Control Panels, Gel Injectors, Erocarb E50 crosshead, JFS 100 Grease pump, AE EVO Water chiller

EXPL449 – 2” Royle 24:1 Primary Line, 24” Dual Cone Payoff, 12” Multi-Pass Capstan, Zumbach ODAC, USYS, 24” Parallel Axis Dual Take-up (in the picture)

EXPL1327 - Rosendahl 30 mm, 24:1 Extruder w/ 10 HP Siemens AC Drive/PLC, Temp.controls, Year 2001 (2 available)

EXPL439 - 35 mm/ 25 mm 24:1 NEW Hi Temp Dongguan Line w/ 500 mm driven pay off,preheater, 300 mm belt wrap cap, 24" dual shaft Takeup. 400mm Automatic Dual Reel Takeup with Auto Bobbin Feed

EXPL404 - Tandem insulation line w/Davis Standard 75mm/3.5" 24:1 extruders, (2) AFA 87" portal take ups, midspan capstan, Tensor corrugator, welder, former, (2) Huestis 50" driven pay offs, dual pass trough, etc.

EXP1239 - 6" American Kuhne 24:1 L/D Air cooled extruder, Year 2001

EXPL344 - 6" Davis Standard, 20:1 Therm II Jacket Line 250HP DC, Royle 72" Pay off & 96" Take-up, 48" Belt Caterpuller w/Corrugation, Filling, L-R

EXP1237 - 60 mm Nextrom Extruder, 24:1 L/D, Model NMB60-24D, Year 2000

EXP1254 - Nextrom 30 mm 24:1 Vertical Extruder, 10 KW motor, Year 2000

WPMC has a wide range of Wire Drawing Machinery to choose from. A couple of these items are very recent additions to the inventory.
WRD1105 - Niehoff M85 11 die Rod Breakdown Machine with VG85 Annealer and 800 mm Bongard Drop Coiler
WRD1113 - Niehoff 16 wire Drawing Machine Model MMH101, Niehoff Annealer Model R141R.16.1500, 630mm Niehoff Spoolers(2) Model SNH 631.1.6.E, Year of Mfg 2000 - 3 Available
WRD1107 - SKET 13 Die Rod Breakdown Machine with Annealer and Bongard 800mm Drop Coiler, 1994
WRD1076 - Syncro FX-13 Rod Machine, ceramic blocks, 400 HP DC motor, Bekaert 300 KVA annealer, Bekaert 24'/31" Dual spooler (Year 1997)
WRD932 - Eurodraw 16-Wire Multidraw Line MSS.100.16 for Alloys w. Multi-strand Annealing Furnace, (4) 800 mm Static Spoolers, Year: 2001 (8 Avail)
WRD1018.1 - Syncro Winget FX-13 Rod Line w/ Cook Annealer, 630 mm Viteck spooler
WRD1101 - Filtertech Filtration System, Model HGF with Tank, Pumps, Electrical Control Panel (Qty 2)
WRD1090 - Niehoff 14 wire drawing line, Model MMH120, RM 200 Annealer, 800 mm shaftless, dynamic spooler. Year 1994


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