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Second hand single twist cabling machines for sale

Published: - 05/06/2019 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Second hand single twist cabling machines for sale

As the name implies, in single twist cabling machines for every rotation of the machine a single twist of the incoming cable occurs.

The specialist in second hand wire and cable equipment Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. has a wide assortment of Cabling Machines in the warehouse. Today we're concentrating on the available Single Twist versions – specifically, Flyer Arm and Drum Twisters.

CBR940 – Pourtier 800mm Single Twist Cabling Line with 12 position 500mm PO Neutralizers – Pawtucket, RI (in the picture)

CBR957 – Cook 48” Single Twist Closer, BH-48 – Attleboro, MA

CBR1144 – Entwistle SC-36, 36” Single Twist Cabler – Wadesboro, NC

CBR968 – Ceeco Dicomasa 2.2m Drum Twisting Line – Bonham, TX

CBR1292 – Roteq 68” Single Twist Cabler – Bonham, TX

Used extruders, cablers, braiders and more: the best time for a good deal is NOW

The WORCESTER MA LIQUIDATION which has been a major initiative for WPMC in the last couple of months is now really getting down to the nitty gritty. The items which are still available to be shipped directly from site will start to be moved to the company's warehouses shortly, so it's really the best time to get a good deal. Take a look at the 4K Video of the remaining items here:

A full listing with hyperlinks is available on this PDF file >>