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The voice of businessmen: WST Koradi

Published: - 13/07/2011 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
The voice of businessmen: WST Koradi.

Luca KoradiWST Koradi is specialized in the design and construction of wire and metal strip processing plants. The company is based in the province of Como, in the north of Italy. We interviewed Mr. Luca Koradi to have his opinion on the current economic times, and the future prospects and strategies for a company that operates in his field.

Your production is mainly directed to springmakers, right?
Yes, we produce machines for springmakers, bending machines, CNC systems... but we also adress our products to small metal part producers, end users... with something more: a specific project, a machine for the automatic production of tube connection clamp rings made from wire with an excellent value for money.

Do you have a very large customer base?
In Italy there are about 200 springmakers, who are our core business. Foreign countries, however, cover 40-60% of our turnover. Our customers are mostly in Europe, especially Germany, but we also work with South America, the U.S. and Russia. We have always believed in a close relationship with our customers and, in recent years, we have invested more resources in this direction.

For us it's important to cultivate relationships with our customers, that consider us true partners.

Did you have rebounds from the economic crisis?
The crisis has only marginally touched us, as a consequence that some of our customers have been affected.

And how is 2011 going?
The beginning of this year was really good for WST Koradi. We are working at full capacity. We can say that 2011 is following the performance of 2010 and we expect to close the year with an increase in turnover.

Are you working on some new equipment?
We are dealing with a project we care a lot about.
Normally companies don't have no time to devote to research and development, when working at full capacity. It's wrong!
We are "reviewing" a machine that is already one of our highlights, we're improving and perfecting it. The delivery of the new model is expected by year end.

Are you preparing for Duesseldorf?
Yes, that is a major fair, the wire Duesseldorf, which we have never missed. We will be there also in 2012, with the two companies with whom we collaborate.

Which are...?
G + M Dorn, based in Germany, which produces spring end grinding machines (we are their representatives for Italy), and Nu Coil from Taiwan, which produces coilers and springformers, standard wire processing machines. We are exclusive Nu Coil importers and distributors in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

If you were to give advice to a young entrepreneur who is starting his professional career, what would you tell him?
I would tell him that companies are made up of people and ideas. Experience counts, but today it is not enough to remain competitive. If you have good ideas and keep alive your curiosity, you can go further.
I am a music lover and sometimes I find myself thinking: the music starts from seven notes and it is difficult today to create something that has not already been heard. But this is the challenge.
In our business we must have an intuitive intelligence and a more pragmatic one. Starting with a core capital (because software, hardware and technology are nowadays accessible to everyone), you should add that something, finding that idea that will lead to innovation, to that result ever obtained first.