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Think simple, work happy: WST KORADI innovative machine for swing top caps

Published: - 13/07/2020 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Think simple, work happy: WST KORADI innovative machine for swing top caps

Any fool can do something complex; it takes a genius to do something simple.

7 axes electronic bending and assembly machine - 65 swing top caps per minute

In 2010 Koradi developed and launched the first FM 800 SWT electronic bending and assembly machine for the automatic production of hermetically-sealed bottle caps, better known as swing top caps or flip top caps.

Starting from modular mechanics and electronics, it was possible to develop a simple and intuitive system for manufacturing the two wire pieces and assembling them into a swing top cap at high-speed. All this is done without using any rotary table or complex handling system.

Instead, the FM 800 SWT employs several stations that converge in a final assembly centre. The complete plant is managed by a Multicontrol 2 system that supervises the whole process and intervenes with a simple and functional method to avoid long downtime.

 This machine provides considerable benefits, such as:
- easier and less stressful management for the operator, with the possibility of performing the complete assembly at reduced speed in Jog mode (handwheel);
- instant stop and restart of the whole machine;
- extremely reduced overall dimensions compared to traditional cam-type machines;
- competitive price.

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