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Cabling & taping machines: a brand-new website for WTM

Published: - 20/11/2021 Author: Laura
Cabling & taping machines: a brand-new website for WTM

WTM S.r.l., a leader in the field of cabling and taping machines, is thrilled to present its new website featuring a completely renewed design and easier-to-access content.

WTM has always stood out for its dynamic approach and customer focus, which have led to continuous and intense research and development. As a result, WTM has always been able to respond to the demands of a constantly evolving sector and meet the individual needs of its customers.

When designing its new website, the Italy-based company has followed these very same principles so that it:

• has an attractive design;
• displays content more clearly;
• is easy to navigate;
• provides relevant information;
• can quickly answer all your questions.

The most significant innovation is the addition of two different search paths to suit different customer approaches and needs:

• by machine type (taping, cabling, or sintering);
• by application.

The first site search path is for customers who already know what operation they need to perform and are looking for the most fitting machine. The second search path suggests effective technological solutions starting from the end product (coaxial, aeronautic, high-frequency cables, etc.).

The product data sheets have also been improved to be more clear and provide more relevant information alongside the most representative images.

Layout and graphics have also been improved, especially regarding the image quality, overall text readability, and user experience.

“We believe the company website is not just a business card or a digital showcase. We think it is our online home, the parlor where we receive our guests. And we want it to be always tidy and ready to welcome visitors. To be the best manufacturers of cabling and taping machines, we also need to be an excellent host.”

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