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Düsseldorf at last: wire & Tube 2022 special

Published: - 16/06/2022 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Düsseldorf at last: wire & Tube 2022 special

The ultimate guide to the long-awaited event in the industry

It’s real! After a 4-year-long hiatus, the wire & Tube exhibition duo is finally happening.
In just a few days from now, the familiar whir of the wire and tube machinery will fill the halls of the Messe Düsseldorf exhibition center. Thousands of visitors will be coming over from 130 countries worldwide to experience the latest innovations, discuss upcoming market challenges and trends, and make valuable contacts with new business partners.

Despite some unexpected bumps - and several postponements - along the way, the figures achieved look very promising: the wire exhibition will cover an area of 53 thousand net sqm from Hall 9 to 17 (-17% compared to the previous edition), while the Tube will stretch over 40 thousand net sqm in Halls 1 to 7 (-20% compared to 2018).

What can we expect from this edition?
A press conference was held in Milan on April 27, where Friedrich-Georg Kehrer, Global Portfolio Director for the two trade shows, covered most of the fair highlights.

Here below, you can find some links that we think will prove useful for your visit to the fairgrounds.

Want to know who’s there? View the exhibitors list >>>
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We of are also suited up and looking forward to joining the fray. If you wish to discover what’s so hot about our platform and why you may want to join, make sure you drop by Hall 13, stand B71, or contact us at to arrange a meeting in advance.

Numerous companies part of’s network will also be represented with their own booth at wire and Tube. We have prepared a selection of their highlights for the show, hall by hall.

The best of wire/Tube 2022

Hall 3

Amenduni Group, stand no. 03 E20

Hall 5

Bossi S.r.l. Macchine Finitura Metalli, stand no. 05 I02: Bossi: new brushing machine with 4 independent radial brushes
Emmebi-DeeTee Srl, stand no. 05 I17: Emmebi hits the stage at wire&Tube 2022, don't miss it
FASPAR S.p.A., stand no. 05 D28
Matter S.r.l., stand no. 05 H31
: Matter, a new challenge in the United States
Olimpia 80 S.r.l., stand no. 05 C21
Yamazaki Mazak Italia S.R.L, stand no. 05 C17
Zumbach Electronic, stand no. 05 J12

Hall 6

CEIA S.p.A. Induction Heating Generators, stand no. 06 B16: CEIA catalog expands: a new high-frequency induction generator
DimaSimma Intralogistic srl, stand no. 06 E12:
Castes Industries chooses DimaSimma automatic warehouses
Elestar S.r.l., stand no. 06 H02: Carbon steel pipes and tubes: Elestar to deliver a new induction welding system 
FIMI S.p.a., stand no. 06 D01:
Voestalpine chooses FIMI: new slitting line for high-strength steels installed
I.C.M.I. Forni Industriali S.r.l., stand no. 06 H28
Moreschi S.r.l., stand no. 06 E10
Officine MTM SpA, stand no. 06 C03:
Welcome to MTM Spa, the expert in plants for ERW tubes and profiles
SAET S.p.A., stand no. 06 C14: SAET EMMEDI adds Q/T solutions to its range of products at wire&Tube 2022

Hall 7a

Condoroil Stainless Steel, stand no. 07a D19: wire 2022: green innovations on stage at the Condoroil booth
GF-ELTI S.r.l., stand no. 07a E03:
GF-ELTI's H2Burn® project showcased at the 27th National Heat Treatment Conference

Hall 9
Assomac Machines Ltd, stand no. 09 A73
Aztech Lubricants LLC , stand no. 09 E10-4: Aztech Lubricants EZFeed and AZWipe: product highlights
Calmec Precision Limited, stand no. 09 E14-1: Armouring solutions for flex pipe conduits and cables at wire 2022
Ceratizit S.A., stand no. 09 C53: CERATIZIT: a diverse product portfolio on stage at wire 2022
COMETO SRL, stand no. 09 C54: Wire cutting and straightening solutions on showcase at wire 2022
GLOSER Srl Marketing & Technology, stand no. 09 A78: New enameling line for the automotive sector: high performance and ultra-low consumption
ISIS S.A.S., stand no. 09 B39
Lämneå Bruk, stand no. 09 A06: Looking for a machine to optimize your wire production? No way around Lämneå Bruk’s stand

Mikrotek Machines Ltd, stand no. 09 B66: Interview with diamond dies producer Mikrotek: "Our orders rose by 25%"
Newtech S.r.l., stand no. 09 A78: Newtech: ready to launch a new series of enameling lines for the automotive sector
Pan Chemicals S.p.A., stand no. 09 B05: Winning combo: lubrication and RND diamond coated dies
Proteco Srl, stand no. 09 C21: Proteco lands in South Africa with its new CTC line
RAD-CON Inc., stand no. 09 D06-3
REDIES s.r.l., stand no. 09 B25: Benefits in regrinding dies illustrated by Redies experts
Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH, stand no. 09 A60:
Rosendahl Nextrom focuses on sustainability and faster communication
Sapa Acciai Srl, stand no. 09 B26: Sapa Acciai ready to meet its customers in Düsseldorf
SAS Engineering and Planning Srl, stand no. 09 E60 - F60: SAS most recent innovations with Active Quality Control
Texera Srl, stand no. 09 A53:
Texera, experience for the wire industry
Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp., stand no. 09 E20

Hall 10

August Strecker GmbH & Co. KG, stand no. 10 A21:
Live welding demonstrations and training at wire 2022
Candor Sweden AB, stand no. 10 B72: Are you looking for surface treatment solutions? Take a tour of Candor
CERSA-MCI SAS, stand no. 10 E59: How CERSA instruments can contribute to carbon footprint reduction
CONDAT Lubricants SAS, stand no. 10 A56
Condoroil Chemical Srl, stand no. 10 B48
Drahtwerk Wagener, stand no. 10 G56
Ponziani S.p.A., stand no. 10 H66
EASYDUR SRL, stand no. 10 D18:
Easydur, all the events for 2022
GIMAX S.r.l., stand no. 10 B17: Huge celebrations at Gimax for the 30th birthday of the ROBOBINA respooling machine
GMP Slovakia s.r.o., stand no. 10 E26
Folke Sandelin AB, stand no. 10 C06
KRENN GmbH & Co. KG, stand no. 10 G66
Lubrimetal s.p.a., stand no. 10 G60: International perspective for Lubrimetal chemicals
Maillefer Extrusion Oy 10, stand no. C22: The driving trends in the wire & cable industry. Interview with Maillefer's EVP Lars Fagerholm
Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF GmbH & Co. KG, stand no. 10 C06:
Niehoff's exhibition motto is "Sustainability and energy saving"
O.M.A. S.r.l., stand no. 10 A41
OMD Officina Meccanica Domaso S.p.A., stand no. 10 F17:
New OMD spring machinery on display in Düsseldorf
Paganoni (division of Mario Nava S.p.A.), stand no. 10 C71
Paramount Die Company, stand no. 10 C37
Promostar S.r.l., stand no. 10 G06:
A must-see at wire 2022: Promostar wire equipment and machinery under a new 3D perspective
PS Costruzioni Meccaniche S.r.l., stand no. 10 B21: PS Costruzioni Meccaniche, over 60 years of innovation
Setic, Pourtier, C2S, stand no. 10 F59:
SETIC & POURTIER on showcase at wire Düsseldorf 2022
Trafileria A. Mauri e Figli S.p.A., stand no. 10 H16
Trafilerie di Valgreghentino S.p.A., stand no. 10 B46
Windak OU, stand no. 10 F37:
Various packaging options for wires and cables on display at wire 2022

Hall 11

ACIMAF  - Italian Wire Machinery Manufacturers Association, stand no. 11 B51
ALSITER SRL, stand no. 11 G50
ATE - Applicazioni Termo Elettroniche S.r.l, stand no. 11 C77:
ATE: a concrete contribution against the semiconductor crisis
Bongard Machines GmbH & Co. KG, stand no. 11 B25: Second-hand machines and equipment for the wire & cable industry
COLLARI s.n.c., stand no. 11 E59
Continuus-Properzi S.p.A., stand no. 11 G40: Continuus-Properzi: new technologies and remote applications
DEM S.p.A., stand no. 11 G42: New DEM solutions for wire rolling technology on showcase
Demasteel srl, stand no. 11 A18: Demasteel to expand with a new facility in Northern Italy
DRT Impianti s.r.l., stand no. 11 C57: DRT Impianti, fully equipped Automatic Pickling House – Load and unload bay
Eurodraw Wire Equipment Srl, stand no. 11 A60: Speed up your strand production while saving money
EUROTEK S.r.l., stand no. 11 G22:
Save the date! Eurotek at wire 2022
Steelgroup, stand no. 11 D58
FIB BELGIUM S.A., stand no. 11 C60: Heat-processing lines. FIB Belgium at wire 2022
Fratelli Rotta Srl, stand no. 11 C32: Trafilerie Fratelli Rotta to expand its machine shop
FUHR GmbH & Co. KG, stand no. 11 A50: FUHR and MAG join forces, integrated lines for rectangular enameled wire
Heinze & Streng GmbH, stand no. 11 A37
Invimec Srl, stand no. 11 H30
IWMA - International Wire & Machinery Association, stand no. 11 D22
TKT Group, stand no. 11 A56:
TKT Group awaits you at wire 2022
MFL - Mario Frigerio S.p.A., stand no. 11 G60: MFL Group Digital Campus
NDC Technologies Inc. (Beta LaserMike), stand no. 11 D68: Visit NDC Technologies at wire Düsseldorf 2022
Nevatia Steel & Alloys Pvt. Ltd., stand no. 11 D59: Nevatia to participate in wire & Tube 2022
RTP Paganoni S.r.l., stand no. 11 B22: RTP Paganoni on showcase at wire Düsseldorf 2022
Rodacciai S.p.A., stand no. 11 A40: Sustainability, research, and training plans: Rodacciai on the press
Scleros SpA, stand no. 11 A78
Spazzolplastica Srl, stand no. 11 E25:
Spazzolplastica, spools for 3D printing filaments
T.M.I. srl Trafileria Ferro Acciaio, stand. no.11 C57
TCS Machinery & Services Srl, stand no. 11 D60
Trafileria Lecchese srl, stand no. 11 A18:
Trafileria Lecchese, galvanized wire for multiple applications
Trafilerie San Paolo S.r.l., stand no. 11 J16: Trafilerie San Paolo awaits you at wire 2022
Trafilix S.p.A. - Gruppo Lucefin, stand no. 11 G49: Quality and punctuality: the Lucefin Group is the best supplier 2021
Tramev S.r.l., stand no. 11 J14:
Shears, welding machines, coil lifting systems and more: Tramev srl at wire Düsseldorf 2022
WTM. S.r.l., stand no. 11 D78: WTM's new line for coaxial cables producers
ZT Italy Srl, stand no. 11 G39
Zumbach Electronic AG, stand no. 11 D41

Hall 12

CALEOTTO S.P.A., stand no. 12 D44
Castelnuovo Oreste Trafile, stand no. 12 C06:
Die manufacturer Castelnuovo Oreste Trafile debuts at wire Düsseldorf
FERRIERE NORD S.p.A. - Pittini, stand no. 12 B28: Ferriere Nord (Pittini Group) to acquire ISO/IEC 17025 standard
Fort Wayne Wire Die, Inc., stand no. 12 A27: Fort Wayne Wire Die: almost a century of success throughout the world
LUKAS Anlagenbau GmbH, stand no. 12 C13
NUOVA DE.FI.M. S.P.A., stand no. 12 D44:
Nuova Defim and Feralpi Group for the first time at wire & Tube
OMAS S.r.l., stand no. 12 A59: Don’t miss these 3 exciting innovations by OMAS
QED Wire Lines Inc., stand no. 12 A50: QED: the process line specialists
Tecnofil S.p.A., stand no. 12 B48

Hall 13

AGIBI PROGETTI s.r.l., stand no. 13 A15: Agibi Progetti to return to wire & Tube with its thermal treatment solutions
Asahi-Seiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd., stand no. 13 D23: “Asahi Seiki Manufacturing at the wire fair: 2 torsion spring forming solutions to look forward to”
Bonotto Packaging, stand no. 13 B77
Baudrand New Tech Europe E.U.R.L., stand no. 13 F27
Carlo Salvi S.p.A., stand no. 13 A73:
Carlo Salvi to launch the new CS 513TH heading machine at wire 2022
CEIA S.p.A. Induction Heating Generators, stand no. 13 D29: CEIA catalog expands: a new high-frequency induction generator
EVIRT ITALIA s.r.l., stand no. 13 E46: EVIRT Italia presents its new interactive corporate website
HEROSLAM, S.A.L., stand no. 13 D37: Heroslam to celebrate 80 years as a benchmark in threading solutions at wire 2022
Manentimacchine S.r.l., stand no. 13 D31:
MANENTIMACCHINE represented with a booth at wire & Tube 2022
Microstudio Srl, stand no. 13 B16: Not only springs: MicroStudio launches a new control system for sealing rings
Mole Abrasivi Ermoli S.r.l., stand no. 13 C20: Mole Abrasivi Ermoli, data collection and KPI monitoring
New Spool Srl, stand no. 13 A23
OMC - Wirelombardia S.R.L, stand no. 13 C38: OMC-Wirelombardia, news for the automotive sector
ORT ITALIA SINCE 1964 SRL, stand no. 13 C29:
ORT Italia: a new rolling machine at wire 2022
Rolling Tools S.r.l., stand no. 13 E61: Rolling Tools to confirm its seventh participation at wire Düsseldorf
Talleres Saspi S.A., stand no. 13 A77: Talleres Saspi, machine reconstruction and retrofit program
Tecno Impianti S.r.l., stand no. 13 C64:
Tecno Impianti Srl at wire Düsseldorf 2022
Weighpack International, stand no. 13 C32: Weighpack’s state-of-the-art packaging solutions at the next WIRE exhibition in Düsseldorf

Hall 14

ABS - Acciaierie Bertoli Safau, stand no. 14 A04:
ABS: the new generation QWR 4.0 wire rod
Bottaro Srl, stand no. 14 D20: June appointments to meet Bottaro
D. Wälzholz GmbH & Co. KG, stand no. 14 A26
Promills S.r.l., stand no. 14 B35:
Cold rolling industry represented in Düsseldorf with Promills
PWT Limited, stand no. 14 F07

Hall 15

GEM S.r.l., stand no. 15 A25:
Welding solutions on showcase in Düsseldorf
Schnell S.p.A., stand no. 15 A26: COMPASS 40: automatic bar calendering without operator intervention
Milani Srl, stand no. 15 F21
CEA S.p.A., stand no. 15 F26: CEA welders returns to the show floor of wire 2022
FROMA S.r.l., stand no. 15 G40:
Froma, automatic welding line for oven grids

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Photo: Messe Düsseldorf, Constanze Tillmann

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