Latest news in 2017: it's time to assess the situation

Published: - 20/12/2017 Author: Dell'Oro, Management in 2017: it's time to assess the situation

2017 is coming to an end and as usual, as founder of this portal, I'd like to take stock of the situation to update advertisers and visitors about what has been done in the last twelve months.

For me and for all my staff it has been a very busy year. First of all because - for various reasons - for a good part of the year we had to work understaffed. I take this opportunity to thank my collaborators who gave their best to make up for this lack; and to communicate that we are looking for a (even young) figure to be included with international sales and customer assistance tasks. You can send the curricula to

That said, Expometals has nevertheless sailed in still waters confirming itself as an international benchmark for the metal forming field. A few months ago we started developing the architecture of the fifth version, which will be called R5Manzoni. Most likely it will see the light at the beginning of 2019, but I will not give any preview on this for now.

I proceed as usual by themes, listing in the most synthetic way possible the major improvements we adopted and the results obtained: 


- After publishing the 4th version of the portal in 2016, we have dedicated 2017 to optimizing the structure, to make it as multi-platform (responsive) as possible, namely visible from any fixed or mobile device. In addition we have upgraded and reorganized both the database of the registered companies (to date more than 7,000 from all over the world) and the e-mail records database that today counts more than 70,000 addresses. A novelty: from this year on all Expometals customers can benefit of a DEM (direct e-mail marketing) service at ultra-competitive prices. 

- Thanks to the implementation of a CRM, that is a software dedicated to customer relations management, more attention has been paid to the advertising companies, that were each followed by their personal tutor in Expometals. These created for them ad-hoc news and contents optimized for the web that were then spread on several channels: social media, search engines, newsletters or dedicated DEM. From this year on, for each stand, we can also provide more detailed statistics certified by Google Analytics.

- In the "Products" page we have added new filters for all the client companies, in order to outline in detail the respective activities: wire, ropes, cables, fasteners, springs, tubes, flat products, long products; a way to provide a more precise service to the visitor, and consequently a benefit for advertisers. Just in these days the page "Join now!", which illustrates in three short paragraphs the advantages that derive to a company from the participation in Expometals, has been optimized. We also prepared a page explaining the benefits for the visitor (available at this link). 

- For what concerns the editorial activity, we continued to devote a lot of attention to the creation of articles and contents. The editorial team led by Daniela Di Maggio focused not only on those coming from companies, but also on the production of news of general interest for all the users working in the field. I would like to point out the column "Looking at the markets" (in English and German) that each month analyzed three protagonists of a certain sector (plant construction, fasteners, spring manufacturing, etc.) and their respective performances : a way to get an idea of how the industrial sector is going and what the prospects are. 

- Last but not least, we have included in our pages a Chat that allows you to communicate directly with our online staff. 


- The editorial staff has created new synergies with news organizations, trade fairs and industry associations. Three out of all: UPIVEB (Union of Italian Manufacturers of Fasteners and Bolts), Centro Inox and Assofermet. Companies associated with these three associations are entitled to participation discounts in Expometals: to find out more, contact us.

- Many are the recognitions we received in 2017. Among the most significant ones, our presence, as a Media Partner and / or exhibiting company, at major international exhibitions: Interwire in Atlanta, Made in Steel and Lamiera in Milan, Fastener Fair in Stuttgart, Cable & Wire Fair in Delhi. We have been Official Media Partner of the International Conference of Spring Industry held in Taormina, Italy. We attended like in the past years the CabWire conference in Duesseldorf. Profitable collaborations continued with practically all the major industry associations. 

- We continued to work on social networks, imposing ourselves (the numbers confirm it) as international leaders in the sector. There are many followers who have chosen to follow on social media: on Twitter more than 2000; on Linkedin, summing personal pages, company and groups, around 10.000; on Facebook there are more than 3000; eventually, our YouTube channel in the last 365 days got 65,000 views for a total of 85,000 minutes.


The new entries are more than 30, companies from all over the world that decided in 2017 to promote their brand and their activities with our support. This increases the number of advertisers / online exhibitors to almost 320. In this article we highlighted the 10 companies with the best performance on Expometals this year. 

In conclusion, I want to thank all the public of Expometals, now more than 200,000 unique visitors from all over the world (30% from Italy, 70% from other countries) that this year have connected to our servers.
I especially thank advertisers for the trust they have been placing for years in our professionalism and all the other players in the sector (fairs, magazines and associations) that supported us.
We remain available to discuss suggestions or ideas, open to debate and cooperation.

I wish you all a peaceful 2018, at work but also in life.
Happy Holidays,

Davide Dell'Oro

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