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Fastener Fair Italy 2018: ready, steady, go!

Published: - 19/09/2018 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Fastener Fair Italy 2018: ready, steady, go!

If you are a specialist of the fastener and fixing industry and you are planning to visit Milan on September 26th - 27th 2018, here is all you need to know.

Fastener Fair Italy will soon open its doors again after the huge success of the first edition in 2016, that has attracted a total of 2,600 managers, engineers and buyers from all over the world. About 200 exhibitors from more than 10 countries will showcase their products at Mi.Co Milano Congressi fairground.

The outlook
The situation seems favourable. According to, Italy’s manufacturing sector is the second largest in the eurozone after Germany and sixth in the world, based on measurements of Manufacturing Value Added. Moreover, thanks to the Industrial National Plan 4.0 launched 2016 by the Ministry of Economic Development, Italian production is experiencing a growth which should last until 2020. A growth that should also affect the demand for fasteners in Italy, already 11.6% of the total for Europe in 2015, when the country was the continent’s third largest market after Germany and France.

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Several companies appearing on are going to have a stand at Fastener Fair Italy. Below you'll find the list in alphabetical order. Next to their names and locations, you can find the news stories they released for the show.

Berardi Bullonerie S.r.L., booth no. 854
Carlo Salvi S.p.A., booth no. 820: The second edition of Fastener Fair Italy will begin soon, and Carlo Salvi confirms its participation
Condat Lubricants, booth no. 1144: Discover cold forming vegetable oils at Fastener Fair in Milan
Corbetta & C. S.n.C., booth no. 1060: Special custom design screws: Corbetta & C. exhibits in Milan
Defremm S.p.A., booth no. 1030: Standard and special small metal parts: Defremm at Fastener Fair Italy
Dell'Era Ermanno S.r.L., booth no. 844: History, screws and Fastener Fair: Dell’Era is on the press
Eurospecial S.r.L., booth no. 863, booth no. B37
FAR S.r.L., booth no. 1044: FAR S.r.l. will be present at the trade show Fastener Fair Italy
Fastdev S.r.L., booth no. 850
Heroslam, S.A.L., booth no. 243: Heroslam at Fastener Fair Italy 2018
Ingramatic S.p.A., booth no. 630
Lederer GmbH, booth no. 640: Lederer renews the appointment with the Fastener Fair Italy
Mecavit S.r.L., booth no. 1034
Minsavit S.r.L., booth no. 345: The result of 30 years of experience on display at Fastener Fair in Milan
Mollificio Luigi Codega S.r.L., booth no. 1063
Piloni S.r.L., booth no. 844: Piloni at the Fastener Fair Italy with two novelties
PSM Celada Fasteners S.r.L., booth no. 310
QP Mechanics S.a.S., booth no. 132: QP Mechanics: precision tools at Fastener Fair Italy
Regg Inspection S.r.L., booth no. 814
Rivit S.r.L., booth no. 454: Fixing systems. Meet Rivit around the world in autumn
Rolling Tools Srl, booth no. 350: Rolling Tools: first partecipation to Fastener Fair Italy
Sacma Limbiate S.p.A., booth no. 630: Cold headers and thread rolling machines on showcase in Milan
Sala Punzoni, booth no. 921: 26th – 27th September 2018: Sala Punzoni srl takes part in next Fastener Fair Italy
SP di Piovan Silvano S.a.S. & C., booth no. 1160
Tecno Impianti S.r.L., booth no. 1040: Tecno Impianti at the second edition of Fastener Fair Italy
Trafileria Punteria Ghezzi S.a.S., booth no. 910
U.D.I.B. Unione Distributori Italiani Bulloneria, booth no. 1445
UPIVEB / Italian Fasteners, booth no. 1744
Vision Engineering Ltd, booth no. 810
Viteria Fusani S.r.L., booth no. 234: Screws manufacturing. Viteria Fusani at Fastener Fair Italy is glad to be Media Partner of the event.

Photo by Luca Galli.

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