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First Wire Symposium organized in India

Published: - 18/12/2015 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
First Wire Symposium organized in India

For the first time ever in the Indian wire and cable industry, Niehoff of India together with MIKROTEK Bangalore, August STRECKER (Germany) and ZELLER & GMELIN (Germany) organized “THE WIRE SYMPOSIUM” in India during the month of October 2015.
The symposium was conducted at three different locations across the country: at Vapi in the west on the 12th October, at New Delhi in the north on the 14th and at Bengaluru in South India on the 15th - right where the wire and cable industry is concentrated in India, in order to attract the maximum attendance of technical professionals and to ensure maximum benefit to the participants.

During the event, following presentations were made:

1. "Wire drawing machines for a modern cable plant" by Mr. Daniel Thomas, Managing Director, M/s. Niehoff of India Pvt Limited.
2. "Good maintenance is the key to achieving maximum efficiency" by Mr. Srinivas Rao, General Manager, M/s. Niehoff of India Pvt Limited.
3. "Drawing dies for multiwire machines and steel wires" by Mr. B. Kamal Babu, Managing Director, M/s. Mikrotek Machines Limited.
4. "Maintenance of drawing dies" by Mr. B. Kamal Babu, Managing Director, M/s. Mikrotek Machines Limited.
5. "Types of wire drawing lubricants and maintenance of wire drawing lubricants" by Mr. Roland Ott, Scientist, M/s. ZELLER & GMELIN, Germany.
6. "Types of welding machines and their use in a wire plant" by Mr. Peter Neis, Area Sales Manager, M/s. August STRECKER, Germany.

The events were a grand success at all three locations. There were about 200 delegates from about 90 different companies representing nearly 80% of the Indian wire & cable industry. Delegates were drawn mostly from plant operations comprising plant managers, maintenance managers and production supervisors. Everyone who attended was satisfied with the quality of the interventions and the information provided.

There was quality interaction between the speakers and participants on technical aspects concerning maintenance of drawing machines, dies for multiwire drawing machines, achieving optimum production speeds on multiwire drawing machines, role of wire drawing dies in achieving optimum drawing speeds, how to minimise wire breaks, importance of good quality lubricants, maintenance of lubricants, use of bunched conductor welding machines, welding machines for super fine wires etc. 

The effort was well appreciated by all the participants. It was a common request from all participants that similar events be organised at regular intervals. Everyone felt that such a forum could greatly help the Indian wire and cable professionals to equip themselves with up-to-date technology as their peers from the global wire and cable industry.
The Wire Symposium is sure to become a regular feature in the Indian wire and cable calendar in the years to come.

In the first and second image, the Wire Symposium in Vapi, on October 12. 

wire symposium vapi
wire symposium vapi India
In the following images, the Wire Symposium in New Delhi on Oct. 14th:

Delhi Wire Symposium 2015
On the following day, the Symposium in Bangalore:

wire symposium Bangalore
Bangalore Wire Symposium 2015

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