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Five reasons why your company should be on Expometals

Published: - 19/02/2018 Author: Katia Martinini
Five reasons why your company should be on Expometals

In an increasingly global market, affirming one's own company brand in the reference industry is essential.

The international network exploits all the potential that the web makes available to raise awareness of your brand on and off the platform.

The portal speaks the language of your potential client: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian are active at the moment. The sectors covered are: wire, tube, cable, ropes, fixings, springs, flat and long products.

The annual participation package includes a series of tools designed to maximize your visibility on search engines, social networks and to reach the widest possible audience of professionals in your sector.
In addition, banners, personalized newsletters, translations and other services are available to help you in your business communication and in the internationalization of your business.

If you are not one of our customers yet and you have any doubts, here are five reasons why you should join the 330 companies that already use Expometals to make communication:

1) To strengthen your brand identity within your industry.

By participating in Expometals you will benefit from the international visibility that the portal has gained over 15 years of Internet activity, thus increasing the notoriety of your company and of your products within your sector. Expometals is not an e-commerce, the purpose of the platform is to impress the brand of your company in the head of the 20,000 potential customers who visit the portal every month.

2) To enhance your presence on search engines and social networks.

Participating in Expometals is equivalent to activating a satellite that constantly runs around your website. All the contents of your online area will be studied and reshaped by a team of web experts to better interact with search engines and social media, enhancing and strengthening your web presence at 360 degrees.

3) To be advised by a web marketing expert, who will help you in writing effective news stories and improving your communication.

Assistance is one of the strengths of Expometals. A personal tutor will follow you throughout your stay on the portal, helping you create and share your content on Expometals and on social networks. Together, you can set up strategies to achieve your goals and monitor the results in real time.

4) To increase the audience of your activities and directly reach the industry professionals.

Every article, news, press release posted on the portal is published on the homepage, shared on all major social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google plus) and sent through a fortnightly newsletter to almost 70,000 industry email addresses.


5) Be able to monitor the feedback obtained

Contrary to traditional means of communication, Expometals allows you to monitor all the results obtained. For years, the portal has been using Google Analytics, a meticulous statistical counter that allows companies to check the feedback obtained at any time.

Do not wait any longer, click here and register your company!

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Read all the news

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Alberto Gabika, Heroslam - Spain: "Expometals is a great marketing partner for us. The staff is proactive and helpful and the exposure of our brand has improved since we started to work with them."

René Branders, FIB Belgium s.a. - Belgium: “We have been online for a few years and are very satisfied with Expometals. The Google ranking from their website is excellent. The platform is simple to manage and efficient!”

Pietro Tocchetti, Cometo S.n.c. - Italy: “We received several requests for quotation through the portal, and more than one brought to a successful conclusion.”

Cristian Saraceno, Tramev S.r.l. - Italy: “For a company pursuing internationalization, Expometals is an effective tool, as it allows to increase the visibility in the whole world.”

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