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The steel planisphere: the major steel producing countries

Published: - 18/06/2017 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
The steel planisphere: the major steel producing countries

Today steel is one of the most used materials in the world: but where is this iron and carbon alloy which is so widespread in the objects surrounding us produced?

The World Steel Association recently published a document that contains the ranking of the 50 largest crude steel producing countries in 2016. The table is shown below.

China808.4803.81 =
Japan104.8105.12 =
India95.689.03 =
United States78.578.84 =
Russia70.870.95 =
South Korea68.669.76 =
Germany42.142.77 =
Turkey33.231.58 +1
Brazil31.333.39 -1
Ukraine24.223.010 =
Italy23.422.011 =
Taiwan, China21.821.412 =
Mexico18.818.213 =
Iran17.916.114 =
France14.415.015 =
Spain13.614.816 =
Canada12.612.517 =
Poland9.09.218 +1
Vietnam7.85.619 +5
Belgium7.77.320 +1
United Kingdom7.610.921 -3
Austria7.47.722 -2
Netherlands6.97.023 -1
South Africa6.16.424 -1
Saudi Arabia5.55.225 +2
Czech Republic5.35.326 =
Australia5.34.927 +2
Egypt5.05.528 -3
Indonesia5.04.929 +1
Slovak Republic4.84.630 +1
Sweden4.64.431 +1
Kazakhstan4.23.932 +2
Argentina4.15.033 -5
United Arab Emirates3.13.039-1
Switzerland1.51.545 +1
Hungary1.31.746 -1
Colombia1.31.247 +2
North Korea1.31.348=
Serbia1.21.049 +4
Peru1.21.150 +1
Others12.8 14.7/ /

China is at the first place, outstripping all other countries. About half of the 1629.6 million tonnes of crude steel produced in the whole world in 2016 comes from steel mills located on the Chinese territory.

At the top of the list, the positions remain unchanged compared to 2015: only Brazil and Turkey swap their places, ending respectively at the 9th and 8th position. Vietnam is under the spotlights with an increase of 2.2 million tons of crude steel production. The Southeast Asian country gains 5 positions reaching the 19th place.

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