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Updates and holiday wishes from CEO and Founder

Published: - 24/12/2021 Author: Davide Dell'Oro
Updates and holiday wishes from CEO and Founder

2021 has been a peculiar year for me, as I imagine for you. A year of transition: highly productive, but characterized by a strong limitation in international travel and journeys.

To be honest, it has been the best year for the platform since its inception, two decades ago. We almost reached half a million visits (+40% year-on-year) from all over the world. Despite being based in Italy, only 25% of the visits come from within our national borders, confirming our international scope. With the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting international fairs and meeting opportunities, the importance of a marketing tool like raised even more.

We owe this success to all the companies and entrepreneurs like you, who have supported the growth of the portal over all these years.

However, we do not rest on our laurels: there is still a lot to do. For instance, the 5th release of will see the light in Q1, 2022. A pool of professional programmers has been developing the new platform for months and months, aiming at very high technological, functional, and aesthetic levels. In addition to our internal forces, I am relying on one of the top Italian agencies for search engine optimization and web marketing. My goal is to reach one million visits from all over the world within 365 days from the launch. It's an ambitious target, but we have the potential to achieve it.
The new release will feature a powerful internal search engine, as well as modern graphics. Furthermore, it will allow navigating the portal by industry and type of metal. In short, we are doing something big! And I cannot wait for you to see it.

I will stop here: these are the most important things I wanted to tell you about In our own way, we are trying to actively support the internationalization and digitalization of the companies on the platform, providing visitors with products, technologies, news, and updates.

I wish you, your family, and your staff a 2022 that lives up to your expectations, knowing that – as Edison said – success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration: that is, sweat!

Happy holidays,

Davide Dell'Oro
CEO & Founder,
+39 333 8104002


P.S. In the new release we have dedicated a whole page to Sponsors, giving them the prestige and exposure they deserve: if you want to contribute to the launch of the new version of, please contact me.

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Pietro Tocchetti, Cometo S.n.c. - Italy: “We received several requests for quotation through the portal, and more than one brought to a successful conclusion.”

Cristian Saraceno, Tramev S.r.l. - Italy: “For a company pursuing internationalization, Expometals is an effective tool, as it allows to increase the visibility in the whole world.”

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