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Acciaitubi Spa Co. founded in 1961 by Ing. Bruno Berera has taken and developed its family historical connection with steel processing, that had been started in 1919 in Lecco, a town known all over the world, as being “the heart” of steel and its by-products processing. Nowadays, with Mr. Marco Berera, the family has reached its third entrepreneur generation, has strengthened its link with Lecco and accepts challenges and changes of global markets with unchanged enthusiasm. Some characteristics are still the same: i.e steel knowledge, by-products processing , quality research and family’s will to invest in human and economic resources by believing in its Company day by day. Some other characteristics have changed: as adapting to market evolution, to business strategies, reaching production flexibility, filling all kind of orders and meeting the most demanding customers’ requirements.

Acciaitubi SpA production is based on two rolling lines. Raw material (coils made of carbon steel) is worked over the Slittering machine, feeding the two welding lines. After production tubes can be hot-dipped galvanised at 450°C, screwed if required or cut in fix lengths with restricted tolerances. Acciaitubi SpA is also specialized in Sendzimir tubes, from pre-galvanised strip, for which we are able to restore a zinc layer on the welding line, with the use of a special equipment. The most important fields for Acciaitubi SpA production are hydrothermal sanitary, Automotive, scaffolding and conduit. Our production possibilities allow us to space from tubes for furniture industry to tubes for the building field, with short delivery time and reliability on special contracts.

For Acciai Tubi Spa quality is a choice and a value built with the time. Since 1987 the Company has been IGQ and IQnet certified. Furthermore in 1992 it has obtained the famous TÜV and DVGW certification. Acciai Tubi Spa goes on believing in quality so it has also been certified by ISO 9001-2000 and accepts the challenge of the EN Standards for the future.

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