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Angeli Srl origins lie at the beginning of the century, exactly in 1908, when Mr. Mario Angeli started wire-net fencing manufacturing and trading.

In 1956, the son of the owner, Mr. Tiziano Angeli, built a machine for the production of chain link fences. In 1960, when he took the place of the father, this became the main corporate activity. In 1965, Angeli introduced an absolute innovation: the first machine able to produce PVC-coated fence rolls.

In 1979, Mr. Tiziano Angeli developed the very first machine for the production of chain link fence that works with 4 wires simultaneously, instead of the widely used 2-wire models. Nowadays, Angeli Srl is the only company in the international market that uses this technology. Indeed, Angeli holds a variety of patents in the wire industry.
In 1985, the company began exporting some machines abroad and became a guarantee in the field, recognized by all the operators as a company always striving for progress.

In 1988, Mr. Tiziano Angeli left the leadership of the company to Mr. Nerio Casadio and Mr. Valeriano Ravaioli, his employees since 1972.
The company maintains the brand and continues working with new enthusiasm, exporting in many foreign countries such as France, England, Spain, Libia, Malaysia, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Africa, and the Caribbean Islands.
In 1994, there is a new change of management: Mr. Nerio Casadio became the sole owner of the company. In the same year, the company engineered a revolutionary low energy consumption electro-welded mesh machine.

Today, Angeli Srl manufactures 10 different types of machines for the wire industry.