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Assofermet is the national Italian association of the trading, distribution and pre-processing companies of iron and steel products, of traders in non ferrous metals and of ironware distribution. Established in Rome on 8 February 1948, it has more than 800 members and 30,000 employees in italy, with 20 product sections and local offices.

With over sixty years of existence, Assofermet has always been the only catalyst of a large community closely linked to the world of steels and metals. As a meeting point of dynamic business people able to face market developments, Assofermet has continued for decades to support a fundamental industry segment for the Italian economic structure.

Support, protection of category interests, information and regulatory updates for a modern and efficient system of companies. These are the services that Assofermet offers its members to guarantee a valid and constant support to business people always attentive to institutional and economic developments in the interest of their community.

Sharing, transparency and quality as elements of the entrepreneurial drive. These are the directions that continue to make Assofermet the beating heart of the community it represents. A wide audience, from steel to ferrous scrap, from metals to ironware, considers the association as single and strong institutional player.

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