AWCMA Austrian Wire & Cable Machinery Association

Saarplatz, 8
Vienna -
Austria (1190)
Tel: +43 1 3674949
Fax: +43 1 3674949-49
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AWCMA (VOEDKM) Austrian Wire & Cable Machinery Association

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Leading technologies for the production of wires and cables, made in Austria.


The Association of the Austrian Wire and Cable Machinery Manufacturers "AWCMA" has been established in Vienna in 1988. At present, the AWCMA (in German "VOEDKM") consists of 20 member companies. Their regular efforts and commitment to continuous research and development, combined with intensive marketing initiatives abroad have effected for many years now a reputation as trend-setters, when it comes to introducing advanced production methods, the latest technology machinery and reliable equipment for the production of wire, cable and wire products. No wonder that this has led to an average rate of export of not less but 90% and more with AWCMA member companies.

AWCMA/VOEDKM is a founder member of the international roof-association "IWCEA" and acts as a non-profit oriented organisation.