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Although there may be room for debate about whether steel has merely evolved by adapting to the human environment or has in actual fact had a decisive influence on the course of history itself, one thing is certain: steel is one of the few materials that has accompanied mankind over the centuries through to the present day. Even in an era of digitisation, the benefits of stainless steel in particular have never been more in demand in areas like mechanical engineering, medical and food technology, pharmaceuticals and the energy sector. To meet this immense variety of applications, we produce a wide range of standard and custom geometries in the grades and sizes you require using a number of processing methods. We are confident of being able to offer you a customised solution, including options in titanium and nickel alloys.

About Böllinghaus
These are wonderful times for young businesses, thanks above all to the willingness of investors to take risks and provide cash funding. Of course, it’s anyone’s guess which start-ups will flicker briefly and then die and which will make it to the finish line.

In our own case, we’ve been around for quite a while now. We’ve had our own share of troubles and  disappointments, but we never lost hope that better times were just around the corner. And indeed, those better times came along and opened up new horizons. We now make our products very successfully in Portugal and are continuing to expand.

True to our roots, however, the company’s head office is still very close to our original factory. We remain "Bergische", but with a global outlook.

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