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BeW Tecnologia Italiana represents the ideal synthesis of a decade-long experience in electromechanical constructions. The Company has inherited know-how, projects, designs and key personnel from previous firms working for more than thirty years in this business sector, adding at the same time new professional competence and skills, in order to guarantee continuity in the presence with clients, as well as installation and technical servicing, thanks to its highly qualified staff.

At present, the Company deals with complete in-house industrial planning and machinery development, having recourse to very experienced technicians, as much from a theoretical point of view, as from a practical one of machine construction and direct utilization. This enables BeW Tecnologia Italiana to conceive - according to specific and personal client’s needs – high personalization of its plans. BeW’s staff is also active in the construction, installation and testing of machines provided by the company. Due to unquestionable management will, these machines are built and assembled by Italian associated workshops with branded materials and semi-finished products of EC origin, and with source traceability of raw materials. This guarantees the absolute quality and reliability of its own output, as well as - thanks to a special relationship with constructors - enviable timeliness in supplying spare parts, accessories and any modifications which could turn out to be necessary later on.

Moreover, BeW Tecnologia Italiana deals with the installation of its machines at final buyer’s place, by making use of highly skilled personnel, ready to work side by side with clients, up to the complete equipment activation and operativeness.

The commercial division of the Company - directly managed by proprietors - follows clients from the offer formulation stage, recommending the most suitable solution to individual needs or else, working out a planning personalization which is able to satisfy customers’ demands. In addition to the above-mentioned direct installation tasks, BeW Tecnologia Italiana also deals with after-sale service, by timely intervening in case of problems, as well as supplying accessories and spare parts as quickly as possible.