Via Luigi Ripamonti, 19
Orsenigo - CO
Italy (22030)
Tel: +30 031 631 499
Contact person:
Gottfried Huhn
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Briantubi was established in 1980 in Castelmarte (Como, Italy) by the hand of the entrepreneur Cinzia Di Lorenzo. The company started its business as a manufacturer of plastic-coated tubes for the furniture and furnishing industry. Over the years the company has grown rapidly, cementing its position in the European market. In 1996, following the expansion of the product range with the addition of surface-treated tubes, the company relocated to the current plant in Orsenigo, 10 km from Como. Today, Briantubi is renowned as a quality and reliable partner in Europe, as well as in the United States, South America, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, and in the Mediterranean region.

The production includes a comprehensive selection of round and oval electroplated tubes, PVC-coated tubes, and painted tubes. All tubes are manufactured with the finest raw materials, from certified and selected suppliers. A strong emphasis on quality and a wide range of surface finishes are the cornerstones of Briantubi's philosophy: polished and satin-finished nickel, chrome, and brass coatings, designed for use in furniture components, indoor and outdoor furnishings, handrails, table legs, lawnmower handles, blind cranks, etc. The offer is completed by a dedicated custom cutting service on all production, as well as additional secondary processing such as drilling and bending.

Briantubi provides a quality finished product, with a high degree of flexibility, and a reliable and guaranteed service. Management and production are certified ISO 9001/2015.

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